Reuters Partners with The Globe and Mail’s Automation Platform

TORONTO, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, an AI-powered automation, optimization and prediction platform developed by The Globe and Mail, is now working with Reuters – the news and media division of Thomson Reuters – as it continues to invest in the latest AI solutions for its newsroom. Sophi is helping to automate content curation on select sections on, which was relaunched in April 2021.

Sophi Site Automation is an AI system that autonomously curates digital content to find and promote an organization’s most engaging content. Sophi looks at all content as it’s published, and all traffic, to find the hidden gems that an organization’s customers value the most.

In order to automate content curation, Sophi’s algorithm has been learning from Reuters editors. The newsroom has been able to work with some of the latest AI solutions, which has resulted in giving time back to editors to focus on finding the next story and creating the journalism that makes Reuters such a trusted brand.

Josh London, Head of Reuters Professional and Chief Marketing Officer of Reuters, said: “Sophi’s cutting-edge AI platform is one of the next steps in the evolution of our digital properties. Sophi will help us further our mission of bringing AI-based technology and tools to more corners of the workforce, whilst helping to bring our readers the stories they both want and need to know.”

Michael Young, Chief Technology Officer for Reuters, said: “Our partnership with is another example of how a newsroom like ours can successfully deploy some of the latest AI solutions for effective content discovery. Our team worked closely with the Sophi team to ensure our Sophi Score reflected our business goals and we are pleased with the resulting site automation.”

Mike O’Neill, Co-Founder and CEO of, added “We are delighted to have Reuters as a customer. They put their trust in Sophi and we are excited to automate curation across all of their article pages to start and expand the relationship to include more solutions down the road.”

“It’s wonderful to work with Reuters in this capacity,” said Phillip Crawley, Publisher and CEO of The Globe and Mail. “They have a strong mission and is helping them continue to demonstrate how editorial integrity can be supported by AI.”

About Reuters
Reuters is the world’s leading provider of trusted news, insight and analysis, reaching billions of people worldwide every day. Founded in 1851, it brings together world-class journalism, industry expertise and cutting-edge technology with unparalleled speed, reliability and accuracy to enable people to make better decisions. Reuters is committed to the Trust Principles of independence, integrity and freedom from bias, and is the essential source of business, financial and world news delivered to financial professionals exclusively via Refinitiv services, and to the world’s media organizations, industry events and directly to consumers.

About ( was developed by The Globe and Mail to help content publishers make important strategic and tactical decisions. It is a suite of AI and ML-powered automation, optimization and prediction solutions that include Sophi Site Automation, Sophi for Paywalls and Sophi for First Party Data. Sophi also powers one-click automated laydown of template-free print publishing. Sophi is designed to improve the metrics that matter most to your business, such as subscriber retention and acquisition, engagement, recency, frequency and volume.

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