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About Us

The Malaysia News Gazette takes pride to lead the county’s news industry in the direction towards which it should be when it comes to keep the essence of true journalism alive in the news industry. This news website has succeeded to make its renowned name in the news industry in a short span of time and that got possible only through ensuring our readers that the Malaysia News Gazette does not have any political agenda and it also does not come up with any sort of news that is prejudice against and for any specific group, community and religion. This strategy has been determined by the basic teachings of journalism, which we constantly strive for to prevail in the industry. Journalism and commercialism, we believe cannot go parallel as the true journalism guides you to only come up with an actual news and if that strategy is replaced with the strategy which is led by the commercialism by any online news website, so it compels the news website to spice up the news in order to get maximum financial goals, which the true journalism abandons.

Coming up with an inauthentic news for the masses, is a crime and that is what the team behind the news website believes and we think that our this stance is the reason behind rapidly increasing number of readers of our news website. The team, which is to publish the news on the Malaysia News Gazette, is well aware of keep checking the reliability of the news sources which provide us news from all the sectors, and although there are many news sources, which have been providing news for many years, yet their credibility is checked properly.

The Malaysia News Gazette has made it easy for you to get the international recognition for your business as it has the readers from all the parts of the world and once anything advertised on our news website, so our readers get attracted to it quickly and that is all because of the trust they have on us. The Malaysia Press Release Service is the first choice of the businesses, in the Malaysian Corporate sector in order to approach international markets.

Our relationship with readers have become very strong and as we give them a trust that there every single point of view matters to us a lot, so it encourages them actively taking part in helping us to maintain the quality of our news website. This is what we have made possible through being active on all the social media sites, where people can approach us and give their valued feedbacks. Our readers also enjoy the service of our news website such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.