Born without limbs, Nik Suriyati shines as a successful tailor

GUA MUSANG, Aug 8 (Bernama) — Nik Suriyati Zakaria was born without limbs.

When many would anticipate that her disabilities would become the main constraint for her to chase her dream of becoming a successful tailor, she proved them wrong.

She was only 14 when she began attending a sewing workshop organised by the Community Development Department (KEMAS) near her home.

“Initially, the sewing teacher was quite reluctant to accept me as her student, but after showing her how determined I was to learn how to sew, she took me in,” she told reporters at her home in Felda Chiku 5 here today.

Nik Suriyani said, within a month, she managed to operate the sewing machine and proved that having no limbs was not a factor for her to do what she was determined to do.

“Sewing my own school uniform was my first project which I successfully completed using the sewing machine available at the KEMAS workshop,” she said.

At the age of 38 now, Nik Suriyati can proudly call herself a full-time tailor.

Operating her business from home, she now owns and can operate all the relevant machines for her business, including the crimping machine, hole-punching machine, embroidery machine and beading machine.

“I can sew various types of clothing styles for both men and women. I can also do beadwork on clothes and also headscarves.

“I normally get between 10 and 20 sewing orders a month, but the number can go up to 50 during festive seasons,” she said.

When asked about her recipe for success, Nik Suriyati said the secret ingredient is to never give up.

“Persevere when going gets tough. Don’t give up easily because the cloud will eventually disperse and the sun will shine again for sure,” she said.

Nik Suriyati’s success story has also enabled her to receive the Tokoh Usahawan OKU Award from the Kelantan government in conjunction with the Muqarrabun OKU Day 2022 last April.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency


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