Dong Nai posts trade surplus of over 5.4 billion USD in 11 months

The southern province of Dong Nai posted a trade surplus of over 5.4 billion USD with its export earnings and import turnover reaching more than 19.7 billion USD and over 14.3 billion USD in the first 11 months of 2023, respectively.

According to the provincial Statistics Office, in November alone, the province’s exports saw positive signals with revenue of nearly 1.9 billion USD.

Dong Nai’s exports increased as enterprises signed new orders and large contracts, especially for key products such as garments, footwear, and computers. It is forecasted that in the coming months, its export turnover will continue to increase as the world’s inflation decreases and the global economy gradually recovers. It is expected that the province will post a trade surplus of more than 6 million USD in 2023.

Tran Quoc Tuan, Director of the provincial Statistics Office, said that goods produced by enterprises in Dong Nai are mostly for export and their main markets are the US, China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea.

the end of 2022, due to difficulties in the world’s economy, major economies that are Vietnam’s export partners have reduced spending and purchase of non-essential products, hence many Dong Nai’s businesses have had to cut their production scale and workforce. Now, the export situation is more positive, which is a premise to help businesses stabilise production after a long period of facing a shortage of orders.

In addition, despite difficulties, in the first 11 months of 2023, the province’s foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction still increased, reaching more than 1 billion USD, exceeding the yearly plan by 300 million USD. Most of the FDI projects in the province are invested in supporting industries, apply advanced technologies, require few labourers, and do not pollute the environment./.

Source: Vietnaml News Agencyl


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