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Ulu Yong Ideal To Be Turned Into Agricultural Hub – Jamit

KAPIT: Land around Jalan Ulu Yong and the Sungai Yong basin on the outskirts of Kapit are ideal to be developed into an agricultural hub, said Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat.

During a visit to a deer farm here recently, Jamit said there is great potential to develop the area for commercial livestock breeding and the proposed Dabai Park.

This area can be the agricultural basket for Kapitfish, livestock breeding, fruit and padi cultivation. I propose the Tagang System along Sungai Tiasa to breed indigenous fish like ikan semah, ikan padi, ikan mengalang, because the river is ideal for the river livestock conservation scheme.

In fact, some of the good quality indigenous fruits like dabai and durian come from the Yong area. I have visited the various locations and longhouse communities, who are farmers working on their land. They have the land, but they need assistance to open up land for commercial agriculture, he said.

Jamit said he proposed the Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development as well as Agriculture Department set up the proposed Dabai Park along Jalan Ulu Yong.

Land here along Jalan Ulu Yong is suitable for commercial farming because of its gentle physical terrain. It’s already proven this area is suitable for livestock farming. The success story of former Tuai Rumah Lulut, who owns the deer farm here, has proven it could be managed on a commercial scale.

Then the low-lying flat land is suitable for wet padi cultivation; on the gentle slope to plant indigenous fruits like durian, dabai, mata kucing, rambutan, citrus fruit, etc. The road links to all longhouses, so farmers can market their farm produce at the Kapit market to complement their income, he said.

Jamit added once these projects are up and running, they could become eco-tourism destinations.

We will involve several longhouses like Rumah Rolland Banggau along Sungai Tiasa as friendly homestay destination where adventurous tourists can enjoy the scenery, nature, and a spot of fishing, jungle trekking, etc. My intention is to uplift their standard of living, he added.


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