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Uggah Reminds Rural Infrastructure Project Contractors, Do Not Cuts Corners

BETONG: Contractors undertaking the implementation of infrastructural projects in the rural areas are again today told to implement them according to the specifications laid out.

In giving this reminder, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said there must be no cutting corners like using inferior materials or others just so that they could make bigger profits.

He said when such projects were awarded, they came with the Bill of Quantities(BQ), a document spelling out the work details, price and the terms and conditions.

The beneficiaries are also given a copy for them to monitor the implementation. I have told them to report to me or the Resident’s or District Offices if they have issues to raise namely poor materials used or the work is done shoddily, he said after his walkabout to six longhouses in Anyut in his Bukit Saban constituency here today.

He said while it was expected of the contractors or the sub-contractors to make some profit, they should not be too greedy.

The people who are supposed to enjoy the project concerned will suffer when its usefulness is short termed.

We as the area politicians will also be affected when we are unfairly accused of being in cahoot with the contractors for personal gains, he said.

He said come the election time, the opposition would certainly exploit to the fullest any shortcomings or the implementation failure against them.

Uggah who is also the Minister for the Modernisation of Agriculture, Native Land and Regional Development said it was the intention of the government to see that rural folk have better and better basic infrastructural facilities.

However, he said greedy and errant people could defeat such purpose.

He warned that the government would not hesitate to take stern action against those caught doing do.

On another matter, Uggah advised longhouse folk to avoid using the service of unqualified contractors and electricians in doing electrical wiring.

He said more often than not such was the cause of longhouse fire outbreak.

Get qualified contractors and electricians to do such jobs. And in particular, please do not attempt to do yourself even for what is seen as a very minor thing, he said.

He said the several longhouse fire cases happening one after another last month should be a grim reminder.


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