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Some Malaysian inequality measures more equal than others

Author: Hwok-Aun Lee, University of Malaya Is inequality in Malaysia going up or down? Answers differ. Official statistics unambiguously show household income inequality going down in the past decade, but almost everyone seems to think…

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Malaysia’s ASEAN chairmanship priorities all in order

Author: Daniel Wu, Pacific Forum CSIS ASEAN needs a ready and capable steward in 2015 and Malaysia looks to be in the right place at the right time. Malaysia has made clear that realising the…

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Political preference crowding out enterprise in Malaysia

Author: Hwok-Aun Lee, University of Malaya Malaysia’s government-linked companies (GLCs) are, relatively speaking, among the most extensive and powerful in the world in terms of capitalisation, market presence and socio-political mandate. GLCs reportedly comprise 36…

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Will falling commodity prices bring down Malaysian growth as well?

Author: Nurhisham Hussein, Malaysia World oil prices are falling precipitously. For an oil exporter like Malaysia, that’s definitely bad news. Unless the country can diversify its economy, it may find it difficult to navigate its…

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