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SWB: No Leakage To Main Pipe At Tunku Abdul Rahman Road

SIBU: Sibu Water Board (SWB) today confirms there is no leakage to 450mm M.S. trunk main pipe at mile 7, Tunku Abdul Rahman Road, which was earlier suspected to be leaking.

A source from SWB said upon digging at the site this morning found the pipe intact.

You can’t see (the leakage) from the surface. After digging down, we found there is no leakage (to the pipe).

The water was not from our pipe but had somehow, sipped there from the other side of the road, he said.

There is no water interruption, he said.

Earlier, SWB had posted in its Facebook that there would water interruption today to repair the 450mm M.S. trunk main pipe leaking at mile 7th mile, Tunku Abdul Rahman Road, thought to be leaking.

Initially, it listed the areas expected to be affected � Tunku Abdul Rahman Road area (main road), Jade Villa Road, Rafflesia Road, Suntec Road, Rh. Juntan area, Rh. Sebastian area, Rh. Kampit area, Tunku Abdul Rahman Lane 42 area, Taman Primeview area, from mile 13 Ulu Oya Road to Sibintek Road area, from Kemuyang Road By Pass to Durin Link Road area (including Taman Sanhill Road area, Sibu Airport, Sibu Jaya Road area), and Sungai Pak area.

It was also noted that apparently the posting earlier had drew some feedback and concerns from members of the public.

For the record, in April this year, about 7,000 households here were affected by water interruption caused by a pipe burst.

The 450mm M.S. trunk main burst near to new Petronas, Mile 9, Tunku Abdul Rahman Road here.


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