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MSM: Our sugar products are fully halal-compliant

KUALA LUMPUR, Refined sugar producer MSM Malaysia Holding Bhd has reassured consumers that its sugar products are 100 per cent halal guaranteed and certified by the Malaysian authorities including the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

In a statement, it said all of its products such as ‘Gula Prai’ are fully compliant with the highest standards of food safety and the halal certification is comprehensive from farm to table, covering all ingredients from primary sources, the entire manufacturing process, and distribution process.

MSM is able to guarantee its refining process is compliant with Islamic laws as the process of removing colour undertaken using the Ion Exchange Resins (IER) and Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) is free from all potentially non-halal compliant methods that are commonly used by refiners.

“Activated carbon used in the decolourisation stage is halal-certified and originated purely from coal, group chief executive officer Datuk Khairil Anuar Aziz said, while advising consumers to be cautious when buying imported sugar products.

This follows concerns about ‘bone char’, which is produced by charring animal bones.

Although the product is considered to be cheaper than commercial activated carbon, he said it may be derived from animals that are slaughtered in a non-Shariah compliant manner or from non-halal animals.

Besides, Khairil Anuar said imported sugar that is brought into Malaysia at a lower price may not have legitimate halal certification and the sources of raw materials as well as the manufacturing processes may not be certified halal.

“As a market leader, MSM’s refineries are regularly audited to ensure all processes are in full compliance, to ensure consistent delivery of the highest quality of sugar products.

“All MSM’s suppliers are also certified to ascertain and verify the quality of the materials they use and produce, as part of the rigorous compliance process, and all certification standards are clearly displayed on its packaging and on MSM’s website for easy identification and reference, he said.

MSM, a subsidiary of FGV Holdings Bhd, offers various grades of refined sugar including coarse grained sugar, fine granulated sugar, caster, icing and soft brown sugar.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

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