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Longhouse folks complain of poor road condition

MARUDI: More than 500 residents of five longhouses in Linei area have expressed their disappointment at the poor road condition to their longhouses.

They said the 7km timber track standard road from their longhouses to Marudi town had become very muddy and slippery, and posed great danger for those travelling on it.

One of the residents, Edward Louis Jampi, called on Sarawak government to look into the matter and act fast before the situation gets worse.

He also appealed to Mulu assemblyman Dato Gerawat Gala, who is Deputy Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly, to help repair the road through his Minor Rural Project (MRP) fund. Edward is the chairman of Pemansang Dayak Baram.

As we know, the said area gave full support to the Barisan Nasional during the last parliamentary election. At the very least, the Deputy Speaker should give some allocation to repair the road, he said. Edward was met on the road after coming back from a Gawai Dayak celebration.

It was observed that many big vehicles were stranded at some muddy stretches of the road. Linei is an Iban area under Mulu state constituency and Baram parliamentary constituency.


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