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Lead fight against fake news, CEO Nurini tells Bernama

KUALA LUMPUR, The Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) must take charge to fight fake news and educate the people to understand current issues, its chief executive officer, Nurini Kassim, said today.

She said this is vital as Bernama plays an important role as the trusted source of information to address and verify the fast fake and viral news.

As the national news agency, it is our obligation to help to serve the country and to provide the official (correct) news for the society.

On top of that, we also play an important role in highlighting all the issues in the country in order to make them have a better understanding, as well as to educate them that there are options available for them in addressing the issues.

Those issues regarding healthcare, retirement, the B40 community, affordable housing, pollution and many others that need the people to be well-informed about.

They don’t quite understand these matters, so I think Bernama can play the role in informing what is actually happening and what is the option and information available for them to improve their lives, she said in a talk show aired by Bernama News Channel (BNC).

Nurini was appointed as the Bernama CEO on Jan 1 for a two-year term. She took over from Datuk Zulkefli Salleh who completed his contract of service on Oct 3 last year.

Noting that information is literally at one’s fingertips nowadays, Nurini said she would like to see Bernama moving forward to be future-ready, holistic, productive and efficient along with the content that is relevant for Malaysians.

For now, Bernama has been focusing more on news reporting but, moving forward, I want to see more features and more educational programmes pertaining to those issues to be created.

Or maybe having an open-debate programme so that people can make up their own mind, provide supporting information to people so that they know both sides of the story because knowing what is good for them might not be for others, she said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

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