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‘Kapit continues to demonstrate unity and solidarity’

KAPIT: Kapit has been praised for continuing to be a shining example of Sarawakian unity and solidarity.

Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat said although Gawai is a Dayak festival, it is also observed by other communities.

During this Gawai, even the shops in Kapit were closed for two days to allow the workers to take a break so that they could return home to join their family members for the celebration, he said when attending Penghulu Pasang Tubah’s Gawai Dayak open house on Tuesday.

Kapit practises this because the different communities are so close to one another. We truly demonstrate the spirit of Sarawak in unity and solidarity.

He also called on the Dayak community to continue holding various events to celebrate Gawai Dayak, such as the Kumang Gawai.

The Dayak must continue to uphold their traditions and the Gawai celebration must be held continuously, he added.


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