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Gerawat hopes Baru Can Help Bring Roads To Rural Areas

MIRI: State Legislative Assembly (DUN) deputy speaker Dato Gerawat Gala looks forward to newly-minted Minister of Works Baru Bian delivering the much-needed road infrastructure to rural areas in Sarawak.

The Mulu assemblyman, who is a Kelabit from Bario and former president of Federation of Orang Ulu Associations Sarawak Malaysia (Forum), congratulated his fellow countryman from the Lun Bawang community for the appointment, saying it is a very important Cabinet post.

He cited Mulu constituency as an example of a rural area which lacked and needed basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges for connectivity.

Although the former BN government had spent millions of ringgit upgrading some of the abandoned logging roads in Baram, he said there was still much to be done as many longhouses did not even have any road access.

However, much still need to be done as many longhouses and villages do not have proper and safe road access and some longhouses do not even have any road access at all, he said.

He believes as the Minister of Works, Baru is well positioned to help build the interior trunk road for Sarawak to provide connectivity for the rural areas which can facilitate economic activities to benefit the rural population.

I am happy to note that YB Baru has included Sarawak among the top priority states for infrastructure development and I look forward to working closely with his ministry to ensure that our rural rakyat will benefit from the infrastructure development planned and to be implemented by his ministry, he said.

Both Baru and Gerawat created history as the first from their respective communities to be appointed as federal minister and DUN deputy speaker respectively.

Datuk Seri Idris Jala, a Kelabit from Bario, was the first to be appointed federal minister (2009-2015) from the Orang Ulu community after he was appointed as senator by former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. He was Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.


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