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Essence of white paper towards FELDA and settlers’ sustainability

KUALA LUMPUR, The following are the main points of the FELDA New Model tabled in Parliament today by Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali in a white paper themed, ‘Towards FELDA’s Sustainability’.

1. Long-Term Land Rental Arrangement – The land scheme settlers participating in this scheme will have their farm management unified, with the land rented and managed by FELDA for a long term. This will solve the problem of ageing settlers, lack of capability and lack of people from the young generation to work the farms.

2. Settlers’ Development Programme to Derive New Incomes – An initiative to generate new incomes through suitable crop and livestock diversification. FELDA will propel the nation’s food industry, hence reducing food imports amounting to over RM45 billion a year.

3. Farm Management Through Strengthening Felda Cooperative – FELDA will establish constructive cooperation with FELDA Cooperative for management activities to be carried out on a big and more economical scale. The cooperative’s involvement will also be boosted in terms of management, investment and businesses carried out by FELDA.

4. Use of Latest Technology – As the country’s biggest land bank, FELDA will be moving from the traditional farming system to smart farming with the use of modern technology.

5. FELDA will be introducing the New Aid Scheme which is more flexible and based on the settlers’ needs to avoid a high debt burden in the long run for them. The rates of repayment will be based on the settlers’ income.

6. Enhancing Social and Physical Infrastructure – Raising the settlers’ quality of life and rural socio-economic status through urbanisation of FELDA land schemes through collaboration between all the ministries and government agencies.

7. Improving Quality of Education and Self-Worth of FELDA’s new generation – Human resource development among FELDA’s new generation and women through implementation of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) scheme in collaboration with government-linked and private companies.

8. Strengthening Leadership Role at the Land Schemes – The role of the Village Community Management Council (MPKK) will be streamlined to build consensus among settlers. The Economic Affairs Ministry, FELDA and related agencies will draw up a socio-economic plan for the settlers encompassing entrepreneur development, infrastructure, human capital and personal development, particularly towards tackling social ills among FELDA youths.

9. Implementation of Housing Projects – The government and FELDA will speed up the FELDA New Generation Housing (PGBF) projects which are progressing at 70 per cent and more. A total of 4,794 new generation families will each be able to own a house at the same plot of the original owner’s.

10. Drawing Up the Land Inheritance Scheme for Smooth Handing-Over – Updating data on land ownership is being actively done to finalise land inheritance information. The pilot project on ownership data has been completed in FELDA Mempaga 3, Kampung Serik and Lurah Bilut, and this will be extended to 314 other FELDA land schemes.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

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