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Continue approved projects, Julaihi tells PH govt

KUCHING: The federal government is urged to continue implementing projects that have already been approved in the rural areas like the Batang Lupar Bridge, Igan Bridge and SMK Sebuyau.

Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi said that continuing those projects would be a catalyst for more development to come into those areas, in line with the Sarawak government aspiration in bringing the rural and coastal areas into the mainstream of development.

He added that the building of the rural coastal roads would provide an unbroken link between southern and northern Sarawak, with all ferry facilities replaced by bridges.

I hope no one would come forward to hinder the building of the coastal roads, which is a socio-economic boost for the people.

Julaihi who is also Sebuyau assemblyman, later presented a packet of dates each to the elderly and poor people from various villages in Sebuyau.

He also reminded Muslims to observe the Ramadan fasting month and continue to strengthen unity among them for their own good.


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