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Villagers Hope Rep’s Visit Means More Devt Headed Their Way

MARUDI: It was an exciting moment for residents of a five-door longhouse in Kuala Ridan here as they welcomed Assistant Minister of Local Government Datu Dr Penguang Manggil for his first official visit on Sunday.

Among those who expressed his happiness was Janggut Gundi, 65, who told The Borneo Post that he hoped the Marudi assemblyman’s visit would see more development projects being implemented at the longhouse.

Even though Kuala Ridan is quite close to Marudi town, there is no road linking us to Marudi and we need to use a longboat to cross Sungai Ridan.

So my hope is that our YB’s (Penguang) visit here will see more projects coming, especially a road to link Kuala Ridan to Marudi, said the fisherman.

His view was shared by fellow villager Chundi Mujab, 45, said he hopes the rural-centric development focus of the Sarawak government would mean better times ahead for the longhouse folk.

Meanwhile, Penguang during his visit announced minor rural project (MRP) allocations of RM15,000 for the village’s security and development committee (JKKK) and RM5,000 for its women’s bureau, for them to carry out activities this year.

Source: Sarawak Government

Malaysia sets stage for World Summit on Arts and Culture

PUTRAJAYA, Government representatives, policy makers, creative practitioners and citizens from over 70 countries will gather at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre from March 11 to 14 for the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture.

Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry secretary-general, Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah said the international summit themed Mobile Minds: Culture, Knowledge & Change would provide the opportunity for strengthening civil society, promoting collaboration between the non-profit and government sectors, and for equipping artistes, and arts organisations and institutions to interact.

This summit will explore ideas from the presenters on the issues of global change, rapid technological development, environmental effects and migration patterns, and also enhance networking for cooperation that could change the world and society.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

Penang Bridge crash : Victim’s body still intact after three days

GEORGE TOWN, The body of the victim trapped in the sports utility vehicle (SUV) which plunged into the sea last Sunday was still intact though the vehicle was retrieved three days later.

Penang police chief Datuk T. Narenasagaran said the victim identified as private college student, Moey Yun Peng, 20, was found strapped to the driver’s seat after the vehicle was retrieved from the sea at about 6.00pm at KM 4 of the Penang Bridge here.

The car was badly wrecked due to the crash but the physical condition of the victim was still perfect and his seatbelt was still fastened,” he said when met by reporters at the scene.

According to him, the victim’s remains were sent to the Seberang Jaya Hospital for post-mortem before being handed over to the family for burial.

He said the operation to retrieve the vehicle took three days as the search was hampered by the bad weather and strong currents.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

Freezing intake of Bangladeshi workers won’t stop corruption, say bosses groups

PETALING JAYA: Employers have dismissed calls by a former immigration department official to freeze the intake of foreign workers from Bangladesh as a means to tackle corruption in the recruitment process.

Che Hassan Che Johan had urged the government to stop the intake of Bangladeshi workers to stamp out corruption among agents, employers, enforcement authorities and government agencies.

Che Hassan, who once headed an association of former immigration officers, identified Bangladeshi agents as the main culprits in corruption, saying they brought illegal workers into the country for at least RM3,000 per head. These workers would then be offered to local agents or representatives of employers, he said.

However, the Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) and Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) said the problem was not the recruitment of Bangladeshis but the lack of transparency in the process.

MEF executive director Shamsuddin Bardan warned that stopping the recruitment of workers would not resolve the issue of corruption. Instead, he recommended that the government eliminate third-party agents in the recruitment and management of foreign workers.

Foreign workers need to be recruited on a government-to-government basis, he said.

In fact, the government should eliminate all existing outsourced services linked to the recruitment of foreign workers. Their recruitment should not be commercialised or made into a business, as is the case now.

FMM vice-president Nathan Suppiah meanwhile said the group had always encouraged its members to deal directly with the immigration department instead of going through agents.

Merely putting a stop to bringing in foreign workers is not the right way as industries still need these workers, he said.

The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), on the other hand, welcomed Che Hassan’s suggestion, saying a freeze should be implemented until a fair recruitment policy can be hammered out between Putrajaya and Dhaka.

Such continuous employment does not augur well for Malaysia as it undermines the security of our country and leaves a lot of room for exploitation, MTUC secretary-general J Solomon told FMT.

He also urged the government to explore ways to legalise undocumented foreign workers so that they can work here if they are not sent back to their country.

The practice of rounding up illegal foreign workers and detaining them periodically has not found a solution, he added.

Solomon also called for greater action against employers who continue to hire illegal workers. He acknowledged that this might not be a silver bullet, but said it could at least reduce the numbers of illegal workers.

Source : https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2019/01/22/freezing-intake-of-bangladeshi-workers-wont-stop-corruption-say-bosses-groups/

Source: Malaysian Trades Union Congress


VIENNA, The International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) today launched the Dr Mahahthir Mohamad Fund to help anti-graft officers who face risks in the line of duty.

The announcemant was made by IAACA president Dr Ali Fetais Al-Marri during his opening address at the 10th IAACA Annual Conference and General Meeting at the Vienna Intwrnational Centre here.

Al- Marri, who is also Qatar Attorney General, said the fund carried the name of the Malaysian Prime Minister in recognition of Dr Mahathir’s efforts in fighting graft.

Al-Marri said Qatar had agreed to start up the fund with 1million Qatar Riyal (RM1.14 million).

The conference closes on Thursday (Jan 24).

Source: Office of the Prime Minster Malaysia

Fadillah Attributes State’s Harmony To Racial Unity

KUCHING: Sarawak has been recognised as a united state mainly because people from diverse ethnic groups and backgrounds in the state are able to work and live in harmony with each other.

Petra Jaya assemblyman Dato Sri Fadillah Yusof expressed this view when officiating at the Nanyang Wushu Chinese New Year Extravaganza show held at Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal, Jalan Kuching Ranger Depot here yesterday.

The uniqueness of Sarawak is the participation of all ethnic groups irrespective of different backgrounds in festival activities, said Fadillah.

While Wushu is traditionally practised by the Chinese community, he said the martial arts have been picked up by different ethnic groups in Sarawak � proving that Sarawak is indeed a melting pot of various cultures.

Fadillah also stressed that he will always be supportive of any programmes that can promote unity among the people of Sarawak and urged communities and organisations to provide their support for such programmes to be held.

On another note, Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak chairman and grandmaster Dato Sri Dr Song Swee Hee said that Chinese New Year celebration will not be complete without lion dance performance.

Lion dance is very important because it symbolises strength, luck and prosperity, he said, adding that the lion dance is a dynamic performing arts associated with Chinese culture.

Song said the federation will continue to promote and teach the art of lion dance to the youths of Sarawak despite facing setbacks and challenges in the modern society.

The highlight of the event organised by Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak and Nanyang Wushu International was the symbolic ‘Prosperity Lion Eye-Dotting’ ceremony which was performed by Fadillah.

Source: Sarawak Government

Rep Proposes Free Tuition For UPSR Candidates In Nangka

SIBU: Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research Dr Annuar Rapaee is coming up with two new approaches to elevate Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) performance at schools across the Nangka constituency, where he is the assemblyman.

The first approach would be the running of free UPSR tuition for Primary 6 pupils at five locations this year, while the second approach would be the plan to conduct free tuition for Primary 4 and 5 pupils who are weak in core subjects.

On the first approach, Dr Annuar said those selected from SK Abang Ali would go for tuition at Masjid An-Nur here, while those in Kampung Bandong, Kampung Abang Barieng and Kampung Nangka would go to SK Bandaran No 3.

SK Kampung Bahagia Jaya would cater to pupils from the Teku area, whereas those in Kampung Jeriah and longhouses in Kemuyang (area) would go to SK Ulu Sungai Merah (for the free tuition). Another location for the free tuition will be at SK Agama Sibu, he spoke at the closing the SK Abang Ali’s Transition Week (Primary 1) here on Friday.

Dr Annuar, who is also Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health, pointed out that the tuition would be run in a formal manner.

About 700 pupils from 10 primary schools in Nangka who will sit for UPSR this year.

On the second approach, he suggested free tuition for Primary 4 and 5 pupils, who are weak in core subjects, so that they could catch up and be ready academically upon reaching Primary 6.

On the ‘Transition Week’ programme, Dr Annuar said it meant to facilitate new Primary 1 pupils to adjust to the new schooling environment, understanding that the former kindergarteners might feel jittery upon entering primary school.

Source: Sarawak Government