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France and Egypt are on their to have much stronger ties

Egypt and its approach of improving relation with other countries

As this current Egyptian regime came into power after the Morsi’s regime was forcefully made to step down, lots of people were thinking that the Egypt will be the country to witness a deadly turmoil, but the situation went against of what most people thought about for Egypt and that was because the determination of the current regime not to let the country go into the crisis, which could lead a country to face a situation what the country such as Syria and the rest of the other countries of the Gulf region are currently facing. That shows the fact that the current regime of Egypt, has been going on a right path so far, because the country has not got the instability despite the fact that in its one of the neighboring countries, such as Libya the situation is much worse and the country is vulnerable to get under the control of ISIS, which is the most hazardous militant group so far for the rest of the world.

The current President of the Egypt

You may differ from it, but that is the fact that the current regime of Saudi Arabia is much happy from this current regime of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as compared to the regime of Mohammad Morsi’s regime, because his regime happened to have a much more aggressive stance over many issues and that could ignite any new issue, which could have been worse as far as the stability of the Muslim world concerned. The current President of the Egypt has turned out to be a leader, who has not confined his efforts only to have strong ties with the only Muslim world, in fact, he has gone beyond that and start making friends from all across the world and its recent example is his meeting with his French counterpart, the president of France, Francois Hollande and according to many observers the meeting of both leaders has been very successful and that will take the relation of both France and Egypt to the next higher level.

The western world must listen the current president of the Egypt

This current president of the Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, has also turned out to be a leader who can contribute in normalizing the intense situation of the Gulf region, and that is what many observers have noticed as he has come up with a statement that the western world must avoid a direct intervention in the Libya as that will create more problems and will intensify the situation which is already much severe in the country. This shows that the current government of the Egypt knows and understands the sensitivity of the situation of the region and expects the western world to take every single step much carefully. And in this regard the president of the Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stated that the western world must not overlook the results of the prolonged wars both in Somalia and Afghanistan after the foreign intervention in those countries. The suggestion that he has given to the western world has been appreciated very well, which tells that the western world should start strengthening the internationally accepted government of Libya and make efforts in order to improve its military capability in order to defeat the ISIS, which has been the biggest threat so far for Europe.

France may get the ISIS eliminated from Libya with the help of Egypt

As the current regime of France is on its way to have strong military ties with Egypt, so that the current regime of France must leverage, in order to eliminate the ISIS, the world’s so far biggest militant group. The current regime of France should increase its military ties with Egypt and get the help of the Egyptian security forces in order to find out the ways of effectively eliminating the ISIS from the region and most specifically from Libya, because if the ISIS gets strong there, so that will not only put the security of France under threat, in fact, it will make whole Europe vulnerable to ISIS attacks, so the current regime of France must come up with the efforts to strengthen the internationally accepted government of Libya with the help of Egypt. In this regard the current regime of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi can help much more than anyone of previous regimes of Egypt could have helped the western world in order to eliminate terrorism.

The agreement between both these countries

The leaders of both countries have happened to sign an arm’s deal that is worth more than $ 1bn and in order to make it a reality, both countries’ officials had been negotiating for many months and that brought them to a position to sign the biggest arms deal among both France and Egypt. The president of the Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, stated that the cooperation between these two countries in all the sectors has to be expanded and that must also consist of transportation, renewable energy and security ties. According to the current agreement of Egypt with France, the government of Egypt will happen to receive many fighter aircrafts and navy vessels and you must remember that the current regime of the Egypt has spent billions of dollars on the French weapons and on many other parts of hardware as it aims to improve the strength of its army in order to stay ready to cope with any sort of situation in order to protect its security and stability. According to the President of the France, both these two countries must boost up their ties in all the fields such as political field, economy, culture and tourism.


The French president stated that he and the president of Egypt has talked about security issues of the Middle East and North Africa, and that also consists of Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen and not only that both the leaders of these countries, also talked about Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. The leader of France also stated that the France understands the situation of the Middle East and that the terrorism has deep roots and that is why we have signed security agreements for the region with Egypt.