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229 deaths in two weeks of Op Selamat

KUALA LUMPUR, The 15th Op Selamat in conjunction of Hari Raya Aidilfitri recorded another eight deaths yesterday, bringing the overall total to 229 fatalities in 14 days since the operation began on May 29.

Police Corporate Communications head, Datuk Asmawati Ahmad said the total number of accidents rose to 22,852 with 213 cases involving accident deaths.

She said Selangor and Johor are leading with 37 deaths each, followed by Perak (24), Kedah and Pahang (18 each), Kelantan (17), Sabah (16), Sarawak (15), Terengganu (12), Negeri Sembilan (9), Penang (8), Kuala Lumpur (7), Melaka (6) and Perlis (5).

Selangor is still having the highest number of road accidents with 5,949 cases, followed by Johor (3,550), Kuala Lumpur (2,629), Perak (1,958) and Penang (1,835).

During the two-week operation, 4,195 operations were conducted nationwide with 319,576 summonses issued for various traffic offences, she said in a statement today.

On house and premises break-ins, she said 730 cases were reported throughout the country with the highest number of cases involving houses (494), shops (119), offices (63) and factories (16).

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

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