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Hitachi launches Lumada Inspection Insights and strengthens digital and green portfolio

Committed to driving customer value and growth by combining world-class IT and OT expertise from Hitachi Energy and Hitachi Vantara within expanded Lumada portfolio

Zurich, Switzerland, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501) today announced the launch of Lumada Inspection Insights, its end-to-end portfolio of digital solutions for the inspection, monitoring, and optimization of critical assets. Pioneered by Hitachi Energy and Hitachi Vantara, Lumada Inspection Insights enables customers to automate asset inspection, support sustainability goals, improve physical security, and reduce risks and impacts related to storms or fires by using powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze photographs and video, including LiDAR, thermal and satellite imagery.

The launch of the new portfolio is fully aligned with Hitachi’s Mid-term Management Plan 2024 announced last month by Keiji Kojima, President & CEO, Hitachi, Ltd. In the Plan, Hitachi has set out its growth strategy and commitment to strengthening its digital and green portfolio, which is centered on the Lumada ecosystem. Central to Hitachi’s commitment to social innovation, the Lumada ecosystem is accelerating the journey towards sustainable society through the data-driven cycle of value co-creation with customers. The company is also focused on growing its IT/OT/Products business through constant portfolio transformation.

The new Lumada Inspection Insights portfolio addresses various root causes of failures and forced shutdowns by deploying AI and machine learning (ML) to analyze a wide spectrum of image types, assets and risks. Predictive analytics assesses the risks to operations or environment, and organizations can streamline remediation before outages occur. Available as a comprehensive solution or standalone, the portfolio’s four core applications are Hitachi Image Based Inspections, Hitachi Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring, Hitachi Vegetation Manager, and Hitachi Map. These represent the company’s latest advancements in its growing Data Operations (DataOps) and Industrial IoT offerings. More information on each solution is below.

Massimo Danieli, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Grid Automation business, said, “The energy transition is one of the most urgent issues of our times and together with customers, we are co-creating pioneering digital solutions to enable the carbon-neutral future.” He added, “In collaboration with Hitachi Vantara, we are delighted to launch the Lumada Inspection Insights portfolio, which gives industrial organizations the tools they need to get the right information to the right teams when they need it most. The result is improved reliability, safety, and sustainability.”

Frank Antonysamy, Chief Digital Solutions Officer, Hitachi Vantara, said, “Becoming data driven is essential to accelerating digitalization and sustainability. This collaboration across Hitachi creates better outcomes for businesses, broader society and our environment by harnessing data and AI to solve multiple operational and business challenges. Together, we can improve industrial asset reliability, prevent wildfires and accelerate global sustainability efforts.”

Lumada Inspection Insights features comprehensive, microservices-based capabilities that allow visibility of assets and factors such as current state, asset health, and encroachment, in a “single pane of glass” actionable view, from a variety of sources. With these unified insights, organizations can improve safety, reliability, and agility. The use of high-resolution, autonomous, and accurate wide-area surveillance ensures that truck rolls and workforce deployments are optimized, reducing waste and furthering a sustainable approach to operations and maintenance.

Utilities around the world are dealing with unprecedented climate-related challenges. In 2021, global wildfires generated an estimated total of 6,450 megatons of COequivalent – approximately 148 percent more than the EU’s total fossil fuel emissions in 2020.*(1) These wildfires and other extreme weather events also take a significant toll on transmission lines and other utility assets, threatening worker safety and grid reliability.

*(1) Source: https://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/wildfires-wreaked-havoc-2021-cams-tracked-their-impact

“Inspection, planning and monitoring are among the most critical tasks utilities undertake to maintain grid reliability and resiliency,” said John Villali, Research Director, IDC Energy Insights. He added, “Lumada Inspection Insights combines a variety of visual asset data types with advanced analytics and AI. This empowers utilities to improve decision making, optimize operations and as a result, achieve their reliability, safety, and sustainability goals.”

Hitachi is exhibiting Lumada Inspection Insights at DISTRIBUTECH INTERNATIONAL 2022, which is held from May 23 at Dallas, Texas, United States.

Editor’s Notes

About the four main solutions comprising Lumada Inspection Insights

1. Hitachi Image Based Inspections (HIBI):

Conventional asset inspection methods, such as climbing tall towers or hanging from helicopters, put technicians at risk. Hitachi Image Based Inspections replaces these dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming approaches by leveraging the industry’s most sophisticated AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities in one fully automated and integrated platform. This solution provides scalable image inferencing and processing to help asset managers classify assets, detect defects and categorize defect severity. It automates defect assessment, instantly preprocessing and analyzing thousands of images. The solution’s highly optimized human-in-the-loop capabilities enable continuous retraining of model-based subject matter expert input for a wide range of asset classes and image quality.

2. Hitachi Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring:

Utilities and other asset intensive organizations are challenged with the need to ensure that their service territories are safe and the service they provide is reliable. To meet this goal, utilities need to have insights to prevent safety incidents, or respond effectively when they happen. Hitachi Intelligent Infrastructure Monitoring leverages video, a powerful data type that is generally utilized to a fraction of its potential. With it, organizations can gather new data though smart cameras, 3D LiDAR sensors and edge gateways, and integrate with CRM, ERP, and other sources of data as required. Operators can gain granular, continuous 3D intelligence for sensitive areas (such as substations), find correlations, causations and real-time incidents.

3. Hitachi Vegetation Manager:

Hitachi Vegetation Manager is the first of its kind, closed-loop vegetation resource planning solution that leverages artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of an organization’s vegetation job activities and planning efforts.

The solution utilizes images from a variety of visual sources, including photo, video, and imagery from industry-leading Maxar satellites. The incorporation of satellite technology allows utilities to cover and survey their entire territory to automatically confirm line clearances and maintain compliance with regulations. Satellite technology also provides organizations with more comprehensive insights at scale, allowing them to reduce cost and emissions by minimizing truck and helicopter trips. By combining the images with climate, ecosystem and cut plan data and machine learning algorithms, Hitachi Vegetation Manager enables instant grid-wide visibility and better insights so that organizations can optimize decision-making.

4. Hitachi Map:

Hitachi Map is designed to be the primary interaction point for users, from field technicians looking for work orders in a specific area to a control center team managing a city-wide outage. It’s a “single pane of glass” from which users can access essential information, make informed decisions, and take immediate action.​ Hitachi Map combines information from numerous applications such as EAM, APM, FSM, ADMS, GIS, and more into a single, interactive and easy-to-use geospatial view. Users have intuitive access to key information at their fingertips without having to navigate multiple systems, interpret contextual variations. This approach eliminates extra and duplicative work and reduces carbon emissions from unnecessary travel to and from a site.


Rebecca Bleasdale
Hitachi Energy Ltd.
+41 78643 2613

Late-breaking Results Show Efficacy for CCM in Patients With HFpEF

Investigators Report Positive Findings From Feasibility Study of CCM in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction at the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure 2022 Congress

MADRID and MARLTON, N.J., May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Impulse Dynamics, a global medical device company dedicated to improving the lives of people with heart failure (HF), announced today a late-breaking presentation of results from the CCM-HFpEF Piloty Study, which is the largest clinical trial to date studying the effects of the company’s proprietary CCM® therapy to treat HF with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). The results presented — including a substantial 18 point improvement in the Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire (KCCQ) quality of life score — indicate that, for patients with heart failure and left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) ≥50%, CCM therapy not only offered meaningful improvement in quality of life but also substantially decreased hospitalizations versus the patient’s experience prior to the Optimizer® implant. The results were presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s Heart Failure 2022 Congress.

Patients with HFpEF suffer from debilitating symptoms and have very few therapeutic options. This patient population is a similar size as the one with reduced ejection fraction and has been shown to have similar struggles with quality of life, hospitalizations, and mortality.

Cecilia Linde, MD, Professor and Consultant in Cardiology at the Heart and Vascular Theme of Karolinska University Hospital and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, who was the co-principal investigator for this investigation, said, “The CCM-HFpEF Pilot Study was conducted to explore the hypothesis that CCM therapy might benefit patients with HFpEF. Our hypothesis was based on evidence of greater benefits in CCM HFrEF studies in those with higher LVEF range and from case reports of HFpEF patients. In our CCM-HFpEF-Pilot Study, we found significant benefits from CCM therapy in patients with preserved LVEF, supporting prior findings. I look forward to following the progress of the recently begun pivotal AIM HIGHer trial to continue this journey further.”

Dr. Ishu Rao, Medical Director for Impulse Dynamics, welcomed these results because they confirm the potential for positive results in the company’s recently initiated AIM HIGHer trial. “We are also excited to announce that enrollment is well underway for this landmark IDE-approved, multicenter, randomized, and blinded pivotal trial designed not only to confirm Dr. Linde’s groundbreaking work presented today but to go further yet by providing the first long term morbidity and mortality results for a modern Optimizer CCM device. While Dr. Linde specifically studied patients with EFs ≥50%, in AIM HIGHer, we are examining the efficacy of CCM therapy in 1,500 patients with EFs between 40% and 60%. This represents a large cohort of patients who currently have minimal treatment options and are clamoring for help. If AIM HIGHer’s results are consistent with Dr. Linde’s findings, we may finally begin to close the significant gap in care that exists for millions of patients afflicted with HF and higher EF.”

HF affects more than 64 million people worldwide and leads to dramatic declines in a patient’s quality of life. Patients are often classified by a measure of cardiac function known as the ejection fraction (EF), which describes the percentage of blood pumped out of the left ventricle with each heartbeat. CCM therapy is currently indicated in Europe for patients that have an EF below 50% and has been proven to reduce hospitalizations. However, HF patients with higher EF have had few therapeutic options thus far to alleviate their symptoms and treat their disease.

The purpose of the AIM HIGHer trial — the largest randomized, sham-controlled, device-based interventional heart failure trial — is to further assess the potential of CCM to improve performance and reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality for these patients. CCM therapy for HFpEF has already received the FDA’s breakthrough device designation. The Breakthrough Devices Program is a voluntary program for certain medical devices that provide more effective treatment or diagnosis of life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions. The goal of the Breakthrough Devices Program is to provide patients and health care providers with timely access to these medical devices by speeding up their development, assessment, and review while preserving the statutory standards consistent with the Agency’s mission to protect and promote public health.

The Optimizer Smart Mini delivers CCM therapy which consists of precisely timed electrical pulses sent to the heart. These signals are designed to improve the heart’s ability to function properly, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to be pushed out through the body.

About Impulse Dynamics

Impulse Dynamics, based in Marlton, NJ, is dedicated to helping healthcare providers enhance the lives of people with heart failure by transforming how the condition is treated. The company has pioneered CCM® therapy, which is delivered by the company’s Optimizer® Smart Mini, an FDA-approved treatment verified to improve the quality of life for certain heart failure patients. CCM therapy is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatment option for many heart failure patients who otherwise have few effective options available to them. To learn more, visit www.ImpulseDynamics.com, or follow the company on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

Forward-looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements. All statements other than statements of historical facts contained in this press release are forward-looking statements. In some cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terms such as ‘‘may,’’ ‘‘will,’’ ‘‘should,’’ ‘‘expect,’’ ‘‘plan,’’ ‘‘anticipate,’’ ‘‘could,’’ ‘‘intend,’’ ‘‘target,’’ ‘‘project,’’ ‘‘contemplate,’’ ‘‘believe,’’ ‘‘estimate,’’ ‘‘predict,’’ ‘‘potential’’ or ‘‘continue’’ or the negative of these terms or other similar expressions, although not all forward-looking statements contain these words. Forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, statements concerning: potential benefits of CCM therapy and the ability for CCM therapy and our products to fill a significant unmet medical need for patients with heart failure; and the short-term and long-term benefits of the Optimizer Smart Mini and CCM therapy in patients with heart failure, as well as to the physicians treating those patients. These forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause our actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Other important factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those contemplated in this press release include, without limitation: the Company’s future research and development costs, capital requirements and the Company’s needs for additional financing; commercial success and market acceptance of CCM therapy; the Company’s ability to achieve and maintain adequate levels of coverage or reimbursement for Optimizer Smart and Optimizer Smart Mini systems or any future products the Company may seek to commercialize; competitive companies and technologies in the industry; the Company’s ability to expand its indications and develop and commercialize additional products and enhancements to its current products; the Company’s business model and strategic plans for its products, technologies and business, including its implementation thereof; the Company’s ability to expand, manage and maintain its direct sales and marketing organization; the Company’s ability to commercialize or obtain regulatory approvals for CCM therapy and its products, or the effect of delays in commercializing or obtaining regulatory approvals; FDA or other U.S. or foreign regulatory actions affecting us or the healthcare industry generally, including healthcare reform measures in the United States and international markets; the timing or likelihood of regulatory filings and approvals; and the Company’s ability to establish and maintain intellectual property protection for CCM therapy and products or avoid claims of infringement. The Company does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements and expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained herein. These forward-looking statements should not be relied upon as representing the Company’s views as of any date subsequent to the date of this press release.

Rex Richmond, Director (Media Relations)
Impulse Dynamics

Harriss Currie, CFO (Investor Relations)
Impulse Dynamics

Ian Segal, Manager (Public Relations)
Impulse Dynamics


The Adrenaline-Fuelled Tourism Tour: Explore Qatar’s Capital From a Jet Ski

Qatar Tourism

DOHA, Qatar, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qatar Tourism has released stunning waterside images of Qatar to encourage visitors to take a jet ski tour around Doha and soak up the sights from a unique angle.

In partnership with local water sports operator ‘Qatar Water Sport’, Qatar Tourism has launched a personal watercraft tour offer where travellers will be guided up the capital’s coastline to visit one iconic selfie spot after another.

Chief Operating Officer of Qatar Tourism, Berthold Trenkel, said: “Perched on the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf, Doha is the perfect place for an adrenaline-fuelled tourism tour like no other. The country’s most breath-taking buildings are all on show from the sea and sparkle in the year-round sunshine. For travellers on the hunt to fill their Instagram feed with only the most spectacular shots, you cannot beat a jet ski tour of Doha.”

Starting at the south of the city, here is a roundup of the best spots to see on a jet ski tour of Doha:

Stadium 974

One of the most impressive new venues for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, Stadium 974 will become the first fully dismantled stadium in the history of the FIFA World Cup™. From the water, you get an amazing view of the stadium’s unique design involving 974 shipping containers and demountable building units. 974 is also Qatar’s country calling code.

National Museum of Qatar

The creation of famous French architect Jean Nouvel, the National Museum of Qatar is designed using interlocking cantilevered disks to recreate the naturally occurring crystal formations known as the desert rose. Drawing inspiration from the country’s history and geography, the museum spans a whopping 40,000 square metres.


The Doha Corniche is a seven-kilometre stretch of promenade packed with parks, restaurants and cultural attractions. One of its most eye-catching new additions is the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Official Countdown Clock, powered by Hublot. The large striking red timepiece was inspired by the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ emblem and the hourglass.

Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art, designed by architect I. M. Pei – famed for the glass pyramid at the Louvre in Paris – has curious geometric patterns conceived to create a sense of eternal repetition. Passing by on a jet ski, riders will be unable to miss the ‘eyes of Doha’, the building’s colloquial nickname as the top of the museum appears to recreate a woman’s face covered by a burqa.

West Bay

The skyscraper-laden heart of Doha, West Bay is a dazzling mix of towers in all shapes and sizes. Amongst the structures is Doha Tower, designed by the same architect as the national museum; Tornado Tower, which stands out for its simple design; Palm Towers, two hexagonal skyscrapers that recreate palm trees in glass; and the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort and Convention Hotel, an iconic triangular landmark that was the first prominent West Bay structure when it opened in the 1980s.

Al Safliya Island

This small uninhabited island is a natural paradise left as nature made it, with few facilities. Al Safliya is great for a stop-off sunbathe, with wooden umbrellas on the beach to allow visitors to enjoy the weather. Off in the distance the vistas of the Doha skyline offer a wonderful spectacle – the most picturesque spot to take photos.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara is Doha’s go-to destination for art, culture and cuisine. From the coast you can see the vast beach on one side and the twin Katara Hills on the other. In the middle is the large Katara Amphitheatre, an impressive open-air venue that combines classical Greek design with Islamic features.

The Pearl-Qatar

A huge man-made island near Doha’s prestigious West Bay District, The Pearl-Qatar features Mediterranean-style yacht-lined marinas, residential towers, villas, and hotels. Often labelled the ‘Arabian Riviera’, a swoop around the island on a jet ski gives a taste of the modern lifestyle enjoyed by its residents.

Lusail City

Lusail City is one of the most technologically advanced cities in the region and will be front and centre of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, housing the Lusail Stadium that will host the tournament’s final. Looking over the city’s Marina District from a jet ski, there is no more sensational a view than that of the soon-to-be completed Katara Towers, an architectural translation of Qatar’s national seal – representing the traditional scimitar swords. Time it right and you can watch the sun set between each ‘sword’, which later this year will launch as the Fairmont Hotel and Raffles Hotel & Residences.

Book a jet ski tour of Qatar today using the following link: https://www.qatarwatersports.com

Jet skis in Qatar can also be rented individually from the following companies:

Abe’s Gulf Marine Services: https://abesmarine.com

Aldar Marine Jet ski rentals: https://www.instagram.com/aldarmarineje/?hl=en

Qatar Water Sport: https://www.qatarwatersports.com

Prime Marine: https://www.instagram.com/primemarineofficial.qa


For media-related inquiries, please contact Qatar Tourism’s Press Office on:

+974 7774 7863 | pressoffice@visitqatar.qa 

About Qatar: 

Qatar is a peninsula surrounded by the Arabian Gulf in the heart of the Middle East, with 80% of the earth’s population within a six-hour flight. Ranked the safest country in the world in 2022 by Numbeo, Qatar welcomes all travellers, and guests from over 95 countries can enter visa-free. Qatar has an incredible variety of easily accessible tourist attractions, a plethora of fauna and flora including Whale Sharks and the majestic national animal the Arabian Oryx, and most experiences are a unique combination of cultural authenticity and modernity. From iconic museums to high-rise restaurants, from thrilling desert adventures to world-famous events including none other than the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, there is something for all types of travellers and budgets. Travellers set to transit through Qatar should turn one holiday into two with the world’s best value stopover packages, launched by Qatar Airways and Discover Qatar and supported by Qatar Tourism.

About Qatar Tourism: 

Qatar Tourism is the official government body responsible for the development and promotion of tourism in Qatar, facilitating the sector’s exponential growth. Qatar is a destination where people of the world come together to experience unique offerings in arts, culture, sports, and adventure, catering to family and business visitors, rooted in Service Excellence. Qatar Tourism seeks to boost the entire tourism value chain, grow local and international visitor demand, attract inward investment, and drive a multiplier effect across the domestic economy. The Qatar Tourism Strategy 2030 sets an ambitious target to attract over six million international visitors a year by 2030, making Qatar the fastest growing destination in the Middle East.

Web: www.visitqatar.qa

Twitter: @VisitQatar

Instagram: @VisitQatar

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Image 2: Qatar Tourism

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BluChip NFT Marketplace Launches Its First NFT Auction of a One-of-a-Kind Keith Haring Subway Drawing on the BluChip NFT Auction Site

BluChip Continues to Pioneer the “Swappable” BluChip NFT Marketplace

Padded logo

Padded logo

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BluChip today introduced its unique NFT Auction enabling the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are tethered to an original fine art Masterwork. With this ability, BluChip NFTs now have actual physical asset value specific to world-class artwork, making our BluChip NFTs more valuable than ever, while elevating the NFT marketplace as an attractive option for serious art collectors, investors and savvy traders. This innovative BluChip NFT Marketplace allows art collectors, cryptocurrency investors, digital asset speculators and others to access valuable NFT assets that can uniquely be swapped for the actual artwork the NFT represents — all via a powerful, immutable Smart Contract on the Solana blockchain.

Auctions for various other BluChip NFTs can be seen “coming soon” at BluChip’s website. https://bluchipnft.co/explore beginning today – May 23, 2022.

BluChip’s unique Smart Contract technology enables bidders to bid on swappable NFTs of original Masterworks by Haring, Warhol, Stik, Traylor, Abercrombie, Banksy, Kline, Mitchel, Bill Traylor and more that only the winning bidder can exchange to own a highly valuable, very sought-after masterwork. With a digital token that ties BluChip’s NFTs to the genuine artwork, the NFT can simply be swapped out to receive the actual real-life museum-quality masterwork.

Here, BluChip NFT is offering at Auction the Keith Haring titled “Cash in Hand”. This original rare one-of-a-kind NFT is digitized from the Original Artwork described as Chalk on Black poster-paper used for Subway Advertisements. The redeemable BluChip NFT original artwork, if swapped is: 28 x 17 inches – Framed: 31.25 x 22.25 inches – circa 1980-85 that has a conservative Appraisal by Alex Rosenberg, New York that establishes the floor price for this amazing NFT.

Bidding starts today with a floor price of 1495 SOL. Don’t miss this deal.

About BluChip

BluChip’s website is https:/BluChipNFT.co. BluChip plans to be the world’s foremost website for purchasing BluChip NFTs of masterworks that are backed by digital tokens.

To take advantage of the opportunity to win an auctioned BluChip NFT of museum quality artwork, be sure to visit BluChip’s website during these first few days. Some of the many pieces that will be included in their initial offerings include Warhol, Harings, Stik, Traylor, Banksy, Abercrombie, Kline, Mitchel, and BluChip Sculptures from the Foundry Michelangelo, so don’t miss it!

BluChip’s unique platform enables people to purchase BluChip NFTs that are tethered to the original painting or sculpture. In fact, if you decide that the actual artwork would be more useful to you than the non-fungible token, you simply have to swap it in to receive a masterwork (shipping and handling are the responsibility of the NFT owner). Even better, this program makes certain that you can choose which side of the deal you want to be on. Start collecting art today by using BluChip’s NFT Marketplace website! Bid to win the fine art you will always love to own.

Media contact:
Chris Clemens
Clemens & Co.
(760) 578-8700

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BluChip logo

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Crocus Delivers the Future of High Precision, High Current Contactless Isolated Current Sense

The CT45x showcases the advantages of TMR sensors to rethink and simplify solutions in the high precision, high current application space

MILPITAS, Calif., May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crocus Technology Inc., the leading supplier of disruptive TMR (Tunnel Magneto-Resistance) XtremeSense® sensors, today announced the CT45x family of contactless isolated current sensors to enable high precision and high current measurements in a more simplified solution. Unlike existing solutions, the CT45x allows manufacturers to eliminate costly shields, concentrators or cores. The CT452 and CT453 offers contactless 0.7% accuracy, 1 MHz bandwidth, and better than -50 dB immunity to external magnetic fields without additional mechanical components. This combination of performance and accuracy enables customers to reduce their overall product size and weight which enables them to replace large and costly current sense modules with a small and simple solution.

As current requirements have been increasing so have the challenges of accurately measuring high currents, typically >200 A and often up to 2,000 A. Shunt resistors with isolated amplifiers are broadly used but present an issue with I2R losses and tend to be large and costly. Existing magnetic based solutions like Hall Effect and AMR are less accurate and have high temperature drift. The CT45x products are based on XtremeSense TMR technology that delivers the future with a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) contactless approach which can scale with the system requirements, high bandwidth and fast response time, common-model field rejection, combined with high accuracy measurements over temperature.

In addition, many applications now require very accurate current measurements in the milliamp range up to the 1,000 A range or more. Often this type of solution involves multiple current sensors to achieve the desired system performance with many design compromises and complexities. Using Crocus’ XtremeSense TMR current sensors allows for a no-compromise and simple solution using a single CT45x sensor which provides a large dynamic range and a high SNR. For example, the CT45x is able to measure down to 500 mA resolution and up to 1,800 A while maintaining better than 0.7% accuracy.

The CT45x offers groundbreaking noise performance, as low as 0.55 mVRMS, to enable applications to sense small current levels and small changes or variations in current through a busbar. This performance is almost 10 times better than existing Hall Effect solutions. This results in a SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) as high as 77 dB for the CT45x measurement which allows the system to process higher resolution data with higher accuracy.

“With the introduction of the CT45x family of contactless current sense products, we now have a complete portfolio of products for our customers from small currents to larger currents,” states Zack Deiri, President and CEO of Crocus Technology. “This product based on Crocus’ cutting-edge TMR technology is the most exciting for us as the benefits of our XtremeSense TMR are addressing the needs of higher current applications that can’t be met with existing solutions without compromises. Crocus is excited to be addressing new high current markets such as BMS, Inverters, DC/DC Converter and many others.”

Product features and performance:

CT450 & CT452 (5 V version) & CT453 (3.3 V version)

Isolated Contactless Current Sensor

Capable of measuring currents from 5 mA to >2,000 A

Total output error ±0.7% Full-Scale

300 ns response time, 1 MHz bandwidth

Available in six different configured field ranges

Protection capability with Over Field Detection (OFD)

Integrated Common Mode Field Rejection (CMFR) with >90% immunity (CT452/3)

Uniform magnetic field sensing (CT450)

Targeting applications in EV Chargers, Battery Management Systems (BMS), DC/DC Converters, 48-V system, Bidirectional Charging and AC/DC Inverters.

The CT450 is available in TSSOP-8 package. The CT452/3 are available in TSSOP-16 package For more information, please visit the product webpage:

CT450 https://crocus-technology.com/products/ct450/

CT452 https://crocus-technology.com/products/ct452/

CT453 https://crocus-technology.com/products/ct453/

About Crocus Technology

Crocus Technology develops and manufactures state-of-the-art magnetic sensors based on its patented XtremeSense® TMR sensor technology. Crocus’ disruptive magnetic sensor technology enables the highest sensitivity, the lowest power consumption and smallest size over a wide temperature range. Crocus is headquartered in Milpitas, California. For more information, please visit http://www.crocus-technology.com.

For more information, please contact:

Crocus Technology
Email: info@crocus-technology.com

Crocus มอบอนาคตแห่งการตรวจจับกระแสไฟฟ้าไร้สัมผัสแบบแยกที่มีความแม่นยำสูงและรองรับกระแสไฟฟ้าสูง

CT45x นำเสนอข้อดีของเซนเซอร์ TMR เพื่อคิดค้นโซลูชันใหม่และลดความซับซ้อนของโซลูชันในด้านการใช้งานที่ต้องการความแม่นยำสูงและมีกระแสไฟสูง

มิลพีทัส, แคลิฟอร์เนีย, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Crocus Technology Inc. ซัพพลายเออร์ชั้นนำด้านเซนเซอร์ XtremeSense® TMR (ความต้านทานสนามแม่เหล็กของอุโมงค์) ที่ล้ำสมัย ประกาศว่าผลิตภัณฑ์ตระกูล CT45x ของเซนเซอร์วัดกระแสไร้สัมผัสแบบแยกนั้นมีความแม่นยำสูง และโซลูชันการวัดกระแสไฟฟ้าสูงที่ง่ายขึ้น CT45x ต่างจากโซลูชันที่มีอยู่ในปัจจุบัน ซึ่งทำให้ผู้ผลิตสามารถขจัดปัญหาด้านต้นทุนของกรอบ ส่วนประกอบ หรือคอร์ได้ CT452 และ CT453 แบบไร้สัมผัสมีความแม่นยำเพิ่มขึ้น 0.7% แบนด์วิดท์ 1 MHz และป้องกันสนามแม่เหล็กจากภายนอกได้ดีกว่า -50 dB โดยไม่มีส่วนประกอบทางกลเพิ่มเติม การผสมผสานระหว่างประสิทธิภาพและความแม่นยำช่วยให้ลูกค้าลดขนาดและน้ำหนักของผลิตภัณฑ์โดยรวม ซึ่งช่วยให้สามารถเปลี่ยนโมดูลการตรวจจับกระแสไฟฟ้าที่มีขนาดใหญ่และต้นทุนสูงด้วยโซลูชันขนาดเล็กและเรียบง่าย

เนื่องจากความต้องการในปัจจุบันเพิ่มสูงขึ้น ดังนั้นความท้าทายในการวัดกระแสไฟฟ้าที่สูงและมีความแม่นยำจึงเกิดขึ้น โดยทั่วไป > 200 A และมักจะสูงถึง 2,000 A จึงนำตัวต้านทานชันต์ที่มีแอมพลิฟายเออร์แบบแยกมาใช้อย่างกว้างขวาง แต่ก็มีปัญหากับการสูญเสีย I2R และมีแนวโน้มว่าจะมีขนาดใหญ่และต้นทุนสูง โซลูชันที่ยังใช้แม่เหล็กอยู่ เช่น Hall Effect และ AMR มีความแม่นยำน้อยกว่าและมีการเบี่ยงเบนที่อุณหภูมิสูง ผลิตภัณฑ์ CT45x ใช้เทคโนโลยี XtremeSense TMR ที่มอบอนาคตด้วยอัตราส่วนสัญญาณต่อสัญญาณรบกวน (SNR) แบบไร้สัมผัสสูง ซึ่งสามารถปรับขนาดได้ตามความต้องการของระบบ มีแบนด์วิดท์สูง เวลาตอบสนองที่รวดเร็ว และระบบตรวจจับสนามแม่เหล็กทั่วไป ซึ่งมาพร้อมกับการวัดค่าที่แม่นยำที่อุณหภูมิสูง

นอกจากนี้ เนื่องจากมีการใช้งานจำนวนมากในปัจจุบันจึงจำเป็นต้องการการวัดกระแสไฟฟ้าที่แม่นยำอย่างมากในช่วงมิลลิแอมป์จนถึงช่วง 1,000 A หรือมากกว่า โดยส่วนใหญ่แล้ว โซลูชันประเภทนี้ต้องใช้เซนเซอร์วัดกระแสหลาย ๆ ตัว เพื่อให้ได้ประสิทธิภาพของระบบตามที่ต้องการ ด้วยการออกแบบที่ลดทอนประสิทธิภาพและมีความซับซ้อนมากมาย การใช้เซนเซอร์วัดกระแส XtremeSense TMR ของ Crocus ช่วยให้โซลูชันไม่ซับซ้อนและเรียบง่ายโดยใช้เซนเซอร์ CT45x เพียงตัวเดียวซึ่งมีช่วงการวัดไดนามิกที่กว้างและ SNR สูง ยกตัวอย่างเช่น CT45x สามารถวัดความละเอียดได้ถึง 500 mA และสูงถึง 1,800 A ในขณะที่ยังคงความแม่นยำได้ดีกว่าถึง 0.7%

CT45x มอบประสิทธิภาพการลดสัญญาณรบกวนแบบที่ไม่เคยมีมาก่อน ที่ต่ำเพียง 0.55 mVRMS เพื่อให้แอปพลิเคชันสามารถตรวจจับระดับกระแสไฟฟ้าขนาดเล็กและการเปลี่ยนแปลงเล็กน้อยหรือการเปลี่ยนแปลงของกระแสไฟผ่านบัสบาร์ ประสิทธิภาพนี้ดีกว่าโซลูชัน Hall Effect ที่มีอยู่เกือบ 10 เท่า โซลูชันนี้ส่งผลให้ SNR (อัตราส่วนสัญญาณต่อสัญญาณรบกวน) สูงถึง 77 dB สำหรับการวัดของ CT45x ซึ่งช่วยให้ระบบประมวลผลข้อมูลมีความละเอียดและความแม่นยำสูงขึ้น

Zack Deiri ประธานและซีอีโอของ Crocus Technology กล่าวว่า “การเปิดตัวผลิตภัณฑ์ตระกูล CT45x ของระบบตรวจจับกระแสไฟฟ้าไร้สัมผัสนี้ ทำให้เรามีกลุ่มผลิตภัณฑ์ที่ครอบคลุมสำหรับลูกค้าของเราตั้งแต่กระแสไฟฟ้าขนาดเล็กไปจนถึงขนาดใหญ่” “การที่ผลิตภัณฑ์นี้นำเทคโนโลยี TMR อันล้ำสมัยของ Crocus มาใช้เป็นสิ่งที่น่าตื่นเต้นที่สุดสำหรับเรา เนื่องจากประโยชน์ของ XtremeSense TMR ของเรานั้นกำลังตอบสนองความต้องการการใช้งานในปัจจุบันที่สูงขึ้น ซึ่งโซลูชันที่มีอยู่เดิมไม่สามารถทำได้โดยไม่ลดทอนประสิทธิภาพลง Crocus รู้สึกตื่นเต้นที่จะได้เข้าร่วมในตลาดใหม่ ๆ ที่มีกระแสความนิยมสูง เช่น BMS, อินเวอร์เตอร์, ตัวแปลง DC/DC และอื่น ๆ อีกมากมาย”


CT450 และ CT452 (เวอร์ชัน 5 V) และ CT453 (เวอร์ชัน 3.3 V)


สามารถวัดกระแสได้ตั้งแต่ 5 mA ถึง > 2,000 A

ค่าความคลาดเคลื่อนเอาต์พุตโดยรวม ±0.7% เต็มสเกล

เวลาตอบสนอง 300 ns, แบนด์วิดธ์ 1 MHz

รองรับช่วงการกำหนดค่าที่ต่างกัน 6 ช่วง

ความสามารถในการป้องกันด้วยการตรวจจับสนามแม่เหล็กเกิน (OFD)

ระบบตรวจจับสนามแม่เหล็กทั่วไปในตัว (CMFR) ที่มีความทนทาน > 90% (CT452/3)

การตรวจจับสนามแม่เหล็กแบบสม่ำเสมอ (CT450)
มุ่งเน้นที่การใช้งานกับเครื่องชาร์จ EV, ระบบจัดการแบตเตอรี่ (BMS), ตัวแปลง DC/DC, ระบบ 48-V, การชาร์จแบบสองทิศทาง และอินเวอร์เตอร์ AC/DC

CT450 พร้อมจำหน่ายในแพ็คเกจ TSSOP-8 CT452/3 พร้อมจำหน่ายในแพ็คเกจ TSSOP-16 สำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม กรุณาเยี่ยมชมหน้าเว็บของผลิตภัณฑ์:

CT450 https://crocus-technology.com/products/ct450/

CT452 https://crocus-technology.com/products/ct452/

CT453 https://crocus-technology.com/products/ct453/

เกี่ยวกับ Crocus Technology

Crocus Technology พัฒนาและผลิตเซ็นเซอร์แม่เหล็กอันล้ำสมัยโดยใช้เทคโนโลยีเซ็นเซอร์ XtremeSense® TMR ที่จดสิทธิบัตร เทคโนโลยีเซนเซอร์แม่เหล็กที่ล้ำสมัยของ Crocus มอบความไวสูงสุด สิ้นเปลืองพลังงานน้อยที่สุด และมีขนาดเล็กที่สุดที่ช่วงอุณหภูมิกว้าง Crocus มีสำนักงานใหญ่อยู่ที่เมืองมิลพีทัส รัฐแคลิฟอร์เนีย สำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม โปรดไปที่ http://www.crocus-technology.com

สำหรับรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม โปรดติดต่อ:

Crocus Technology
อีเมล: info@crocus-technology.com

The Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Council of Europe: Turin and Piedmont Return to the Centre of International Diplomacy


The meeting was in the Reggia di Venaria (Palace of Venaria). An architectural and landscape masterpiece of Piedmont, it is among the most visited museums in Italy, after the completion of the 8-year restoration work promoted by the European Union and overseen by the Ministry of Culture and the Piedmont Region.

TURIN, Italy, May 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Città di Torino, Regione Piemonte e Visitpiemonte: Turin and Piedmont continue to play a leading role in major international events, and it is highly symbolic that this region and cradle of cultural heritage was chosen to adopt a Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the role of culture, cultural heritage and landscape in helping to address global challenges. On May 19 and 20, the city hosted the meeting of Foreign Ministers from the 46 member states of the Council of Europe. The event was an opportunity to recall the long diplomatic tradition of Turin and Piedmont, which has ascended to a significant international role since the 1800s. Italy’s first capital city, Turin, is a Baroque jewel on the banks of the Po River with a two-thousand-year history. A UNESCO Creative City for Design, with more than 50 museums and symbols of the Made in Italy renown in the world, such as vermouth and the famous Gianduja chocolate, Turin is a metropolis of sparkling vitality, futuristic ingenuity, and culture of international calibre, ranging from music to contemporary art.

The Foreign Ministers of Council of Europe member states visited some historical buildings of Turin: the National Museum of Risorgimento Italiano (the Unification of Italy); the first Chamber of Deputies of the Subalpine Parliament of 1848, where the process of building the Italian state started; the Palazzo Madama which, in itself, sums up the whole history of the city of Turin: once a Roman gate, in the Middle Ages it was transformed into a fortress and then into the castle of the princes of Acaja. Since 1934 the palace has housed the Civic Museum’s collections of ancient art, with more than 60,000 works of painting, sculpture, and decorative arts spanning from the Byzantine period to the nineteenth century.

The meeting was in the Reggia di Venaria (Palace of Venaria). An architectural and landscape masterpiece of Piedmont, it is among the most visited museums in Italy, after the completion of the 8-year restoration work promoted by the European Union and overseen by the Ministry of Culture and the Piedmont Region.

The Reggia is part of the Royal Savoy Residences of Piedmont circuit, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace was designed by the greatest architects of the Baroque era. Today, it offers a vast tour itinerary that includes the enchanting Diana Hall, the solemn Great Gallery, the Chapel of St. Hubert, the immense complex of the Juvarra Stables, temporary exhibition areas, and remarkable contemporary artworks. The palace also opens onto the splendid Royal Gardens, which won the title of ‘Italy’s Most Beautiful Park’ in 2019. For more info on tourism in Piedmont: visitpiemonte.info and turismotorino.org

For more information:
LaPresse SpA Communication and Press Office Director
Barbara Sanicola barbara.sanicola@lapresse.it

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/d8017221-89ac-44f7-8e94-4644f48f83f6