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COVID: No more walk-in vaccination at UMS PPV from Oct 4


KOTA KINABALU, Sept 30 — The Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) vaccination centre (PPV) will no longer be providing walk-in vaccination against COVID-19 from this Oct 4.


According to a statement from UMS today, this PPV will only be giving vaccine jabs for the second dose with the appointments made via the MySejahtera application.


“The walk-in slots are no longer allowed for both the first and second doses of the vaccine. The hotline at 013-8151373 can be contacted for any further information needed,” it said.



It added that the UMS PPV would be operating as usual from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm based on the appointments set.


This PPV has been operating since June 14 with the appointments made through MySejahtera before opening the walk-in slots to the public with the capacity of providing up to 3,000 vaccine shots per day.


To date, over 100,000 shots had been given through this PPV, besides the outreach programme held at various places including remote villages and the Kota Kinabalu prison and temporary detention centre.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency


Police veteran recalls fighting communist terrorists, gangsters and pirates


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — Anyone who aspires to join the police is aware of the risks and dangers of the job, but being ambushed by communists terrorists on the first day of duty, narrowly escaping death multiple times and having a bullet pass through the thigh are among the experiences endured by police veteran, S.K. Puvaneswaran.


Now at 90, the former superintendent is having difficulties hearing and moving, but his memories are still sharp after serving the force for 33 years before retiring in 1983.


The nonagenarian shared his love for the force and sacrifice of sweat and blood for the country, including from confronting communist terrorists to gangsters as well as patrolling coastal areas while posted in the Marine branch.



Born on July 21, 1931, at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, Puvaneswaran said his interest to be a police officer started from a young age, so he joined the force in June 1950, aged 19, and was among the first batch of Asian inspectors in the country during the British colonial era.


On the very first day of his appointment on Dec 10, 1950, when he was on the way to join duty as Assistant Officer-in-Charge in the small town of Renggam in Johor, his train was ambushed by the communists.


Renggam, now a quiet town in the Kluang districts with its residents having moved to larger urban areas, used to be of British interest, having large plantations that remain until now, and even Queen Elizabeth II had visited it in the 1950s.


Puvaneswaran shared that was not the last communist attack he faced, he continued to face the threat from the terrorists as the Renggam Police Station had been attacked besides several other bloody battles.


“During that time, I also disguised myself as a rubber tapper between Renggam-Kluang to collect information on Indian communist terrorists. Then, I managed to arrest a person with an Armalite gun with ammunition at Layang-Layang police station,” he told Bernama when met at Wisma Bernama.


After a short stint at the Johor Bahru Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Puvaneswaran was later tasked as a platoon commander to hunt for communists terrorists in the jungles of Kota Tinggi and  Mersing in Johor, as well as Tanah Merah, Gua Musang and border areas in Kelantan, before serving as chief in Marine Police Patrol.


“I captured intruders, pirates and provided safety for fishermen. During that time, the confrontation by Indonesia (1963-1966) made me work day and night, and captured saboteurs with arms off Pontian,” he added.


After mostly dealing with communists and pirates for about 17 years, he was later tasked to confront gangsters when appointed for CID duties in Ipoh, Perak where he detained 50 gangsters.


One day while in a gunfight, he was shot in the right thigh by a gangster, and the bullet passed through. Even though in deadly pain, he still managed to swiftly shoot the attacker’s hand to help other officers to capture.


He later served as Dungun district police chief (OCPD), and was followed by stints in Bukit Aman Marine division, Kuala Lumpur CID and was Sabah Marine division chief, before serving as a prosecutor at the Jalan Duta courts prior to retirement.


During his time in the force, Puvaneswaran, who is known as Puvan, said he was active with the Johor, Selangor and Perak polo teams, where he came in close contact with several royal families.


He even related his experiences in two books – Memoirs of Early Life & 33 Years in the Police Force published in 2004 and Recollections & Reminiscences of Past Police Service in 2018.


He added that he had been honoured with the Kesatria Mangku Negara (KMN) and Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) awards for his services and hoped to be given a Datukship as well.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency


Flash floods: Johor Sultan commands DID, local authorities to carry out study

JOHOR BAHRU, Sept 30 — The Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar today commanded the Johor Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) and the local authorities to undertake an urgent study on all areas facing frequently flash floods in the state.


Sultan Ibrahim through a post on his official Facebook page also ordered both parties to present a report on the matter to him as soon as possible.


‘Disruptions to the drainage system along drains and ditches are the among the main reasons why flash floods happen during the rainy season. So, the Johor DID and the local authorities should carry out a quick study and to present the report to me in order to identify the parties responsible on this matter.



“High rainfall will result in flash floods and eventually cause destruction of properties and inconvenience to the residents,” he said.


He also advised residents especially those living in areas where flash floods are a regular occurrence to take precautionary steps due to the erratic weather now.


“High average rainfall can cause flash floods or flooding in an area. Residents must constantly be vigilant. At the same time, the District Committee on Disaster Management, local authorities and security agencies must also be prepared to act fast in case of floods,” he said.


Meanwhile, the Johor Fire and Rescue Department Malaysia (JBPM) in a statement said about 1,650 residents in several areas in the city were affected after their homes were inundated during a flash flood this morning.


According to the JBPM, the incident happened at 6.20 am and areas affected were Kampung Kangkar Tebrau, Kampung Laut in Skudai, Jalan Permatang and Jalan Denai Utama in Kempas.


“However, no residents were evacuated as the flood water has subsided,” said the statement.



Source: BERNAMA News Agency


Malbatt 850-9 women make MAF history – Hishammuddin


PETALING JAYA, Sept 30 — The first batch from the Malaysian Battalion 850-9 (Malbatt 850-9) team has made Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) history for having the most number of women personnel since the MAF’s involvement in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) mission.


Senior Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said Malbatt 850-9 was unique in that it comprised 11 women officers and 75 others of various ranks (LLP) out of a total of 854 personnel.


Besides that, he said they are being sent on a one-year mission in contrast to a six-month rotation previously.



“This not only underscores the calibre and credibility of MAF women peacekeepers but it is in line with the current needs of UNIFIL for the involvement of more women personnel in community peace-keeping.


“I am also impressed that for the first time, Malbatt is accompanied by a female civil servant from the Finance Division of the Ministry of Defence, namely Farah Zamirah Farush Khan,” he said.


He made the remarks at a media conference after attending the Wearing of the United Nations Beret ceremony, the handing over of the Malaysian flag and the deployment of the Malbatt 850-9 first batch to Lebanon at the RMAF Subang Air Base near here today.


Meanwhile, Hishammuddin said Malbatt 850-9 will be based at the Ma’rakah Camp and Tibnin Camp for UNIFIL duty in Lebanon.


“This year, Malbatt 850-9 will again be accompanied by 30 personnel from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces within the framework of long-standing Malaysia-Brunei defence ties,” he added.


Hishammuddin said the deployment of Malbatt 850-9 will be synchronised in stages beginning today to replace Malbatt 850-8, which ends a 12-month operation on Nov 13.


Malbatt 850-9 consists of 854 personnel, with a breakdown of 83 officers and 771 ATM LLP and led by Malbatt 850-9 Commande Col Megat Maz Ardi Nohuddin.


Also present today were Chief of Defence Force Gen Tan Sri Affendi Buang and Army Chief Gen Tan Sri Zamrose Mohd Zain.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency


MCMC Act should be reviewed – Annuar

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — Several clauses in the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Act 1998 (Act 589) need to be reviewed to provide more effective legal aspects in addressing cyber security issues in the country.


Minister of Communications and Multimedia Tan Sri Annuar Musa said the Act has existed for more than 20 years, thus proving that it was high time for MCMC to have a force of law suitable for the current situation.


He said the review was also vital if the country wished to restore consumers and investors’ confidence in the country’s cyber security level even though the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) had ranked Malaysia fifth in the current aspect of cyber security.



“If we want to make Malaysia a digital centre among ASEAN member countries or a digital hub for ASEAN nation, we must develop confidence among the users, as well as investors.


“… and one the most important aspect in order to have that confidence is cyber security,” he told reporters after the launch of the Art In The City 2021 at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) today.


Annuar said this when asked whether the government could manage its own data agency rather than using a third-party service, to avoid data leak issues.


This followed the alleged data leak involving several government agencies including the National Registration Department and the Inland Revenue Board recently.


Annuar said if the allegation was true, it should serve as a wake-up call for Malaysia to further improve its cyber security aspects.


“In this case, an in-depth investigation should be carried out, including cyber forensics, to understand the real situation. Besides, cyber security is part of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and the MCMC,” he said.


Meanwhile, Annuar expressed hope that the Federal Territories Ministry will be able to work closely with the agencies under his ministry such as the Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) to give a facelift to the country’s capital of Kuala Lumpur.


The minister said this includes making the proposed arts zone or arts village to give Kuala Lumpur a ‘soul’ or artistic value to attract more people and tourists.


“A city will turn into a liveable city when given some artistic and cultural values.


“Kuala Lumpur is not New York, Tokyo or London. Kuala Lumpur is Kuala Lumpur, so it needs a ‘soul’ and artistic value, but to make it happen, we need to work closely together with various quarters,” he added.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Approval granted for Seri Perdana repair work following report from JPM – Muhyiddin


KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today explained that the repair work on the Seri Perdana Complex in Putrajaya was approved during his administration as prime minister after receiving a report from the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) regarding the physical damage to the building.


The National Recovery Council (MPN) chairman said the damage involved leaks in the building’s roof and plumbing system, outdated lighting systems, as well as worn out floors, adding that the leaks in the building’s roof and plumbing system have caused damage to its built-in furniture, wood floors, wall panels and ceilings.


“Besides that, I was also informed that the electrical wiring, lighting and mechanical equipment such as air conditioners also need to be repaired because they are too worn out.



“According to experts, the wiring system of the Seri Perdana building, which is over 20 years old, can pose a risk of fire if not repaired immediately,” he said in a statement posted on his official Facebook today.


Renovation work on the Seri Perdana Complex started on March 29 and is expected to be completed on Dec 7 this year.


It is the official residence of the country’s prime minister which was built in 1997 and fully completed in 1999.


“If it is not repaired immediately, this heritage building will suffer more severe damage in the future and the cost of repairs will definitely increase,” said Muhyiddin.


Muhyiddin also stressed that he had never occupied the official residence during his time as prime minister.


Yesterday, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Special Functions) Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Ahmad was quoted as saying that the renovation of the Seri Perdana Complex, including the replacement of electrical wiring and leaking roofs involving a total cost of RM38.5 million, was approved on March 19.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency

KPKT to focus on strong ‘Liveable Malaysia’ agenda for successful 12MP

PUTRAJAYA, Sept 30 — The Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT) will make the Liveable Malaysia agenda the main focus in the successful planning of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP) for the well-being of the “Malaysian Family” concept.


The priority areas in the 12MP that touch on the ministry’s functions and roles are to ensure the provision of adequate, quality and affordable housing; improving the living standards of poor households; monitoring and evaluating efforts and implementation towards achieving urban sustainability.


Other areas of priority are mainstreaming digitisation in the delivery of local authority’s services; prioritising green and resilient urban development; as well as transforming solid waste management towards the development of a recycling economy.



Under the housing focus, KPKT in a statement today on the 12MP said the ceiling price of affordable housing would be introduced in the secondary market as a mechanism to control house prices, especially in urban areas.


The rent-to-own (RTO) scheme will be expanded to include houses priced up to RM500,000 as well as funds for affordable housing and a youth housing scheme will also be provided to finance the purchase of first homes, said the statement.


KPKT said it was in the process of setting up a National Housing Corporation (NHC) which would serve as a leader in integrated housing development to achieve the target of providing 500,000 units of affordable housing by the end of 2025.


In improving the living standards of the urban poor households, KPKT said entrepreneurship training, microfinance as well as opportunities in the gig economy would be expanded to increase and diversify the income sources of urban poor households.


The development of smart and sustainable cities will be intensified to enhance urban competitiveness with ICT applications, advanced technologies and innovations to address urban issues.


In line with the direction towards implementing a recycling economic policy, KPKT is preparing guidelines for the development of Waste Eco Parks.


“Through the implementation of the Waste Eco Parks development, the solid waste processing industry can be effectively regulated by the authorities and the impact on the environment can be preserved, while generating the national economy,” the statement also said.


“KPKT will see integrated and inclusive efforts to ensure that the implementation of the 12MP will be able to address the people’s concerns and restore their confidence, after the COVID-19 pandemic,” it added.




Source: BERNAMA News Agency