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Toga Limited’s Social Media App Yippi Launches “Yipps Wanted” Program to Provide a Seamless Business Solutions for Merchants

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, June 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Toga Limited’s (OTC:TOGL) social media mobile app, Yippi, launches “Yipps Wanted” program, an end-to-end e-commerce platform solution, aimed at assisting small medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia to increase the number of customers and drive traffic to their physical and or online stores. The “Yipps Wanted” program is available in a mini program on the Yippi platform, and a merchant mobile application.

As a mini program, “Yipps Wanted” offers customers and merchants chances to win prizes when they spend Yipps – the virtual reward points that can be redeemed in transactions conducted through the Yippi app. Merchants can also offer instant rewards to walk-in customers who spend in their stores simply by scanning their Yippi QR code via the mini program. Currently there are more than 15,000 establishments where Yipps can be used.

Yippi provides merchants with promotional activities such as Yippi online campaigns, mini videos, and live stream events. Merchants themselves can manage such activities through the Yipps Wanted Merchant mobile application that allows them and their business administrators to control and manage their customers’ orders and Yipps redemption.

In addition to auto-generating Yipps’ rebates for customers, merchants can look forward to a soon-to-be-released feature, which enables them to promote their Yipps Wanted store, and increase engagement with their customers on a highly personalized level. The Advertisement Booking feature will enable merchants to book and manage the appropriate advertising media channel and advertisement slots.

“We target that by end December 2021, 30,000 local merchants in Malaysia will participate in this program and leverage on Yippi’s huge base of users. It is a win-win business opportunity for the participating merchants because they can use “Yipps Wanted” program to enhance customer loyalty, improve brand awareness and image, as well as increase sales productivity,” said TOGA Limited Co-Founder and TOGL Technology General Manager, Mr. Roy Lim Jun Hao.

For more information on Yipps Wanted Program, kindly visit https://yippiweb.com/yipps-wanted/


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Free transportation for Jelawat residents to vaccination centre

— Residents in the Jelawat constituency can rest easy knowing that a free door-to-door van service has been provided to ferry them to the vaccination centre at Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) here to take their COVID-19 vaccination.

Jelawat state assemblyman Abdul Azziz Kadir said it was an initiative to support the vaccination exercise, adding the move received a good response from the people.

Abdul Azziz told Bernama today, the state assembly’s service centre also received messages from children who are living elsewhere to arrange for their ageing parents to get their COVID-19 vaccine at the vaccination centre.

Apart from transporting vaccine recipients, he said, the van is also used to disseminate information on the importance of taking vaccination to the constituents through its public address system.

Abdul Azziz said discussions were also held with Bachok district chief Mohd Farid Abdul Razak to open vaccination centres at three service centres namely Jelawat, Pantai Irama and Tawang soon for the convenience of the people.

Ahmad Ismail, 71, from Kampung Permatang Pasir Gunong said the van service had eliminated his worry of getting to the vaccination centre in UMK after he received his appointment date, adding he was thankful for the convenience.

Fellow constituent, Jamilah Yaacob, 53, from Kampung Telaga Ara said apart from facilitating residents’ movement, the service also complied with the standard operating procedures set to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, such as providing face masks, logbook, thermal scanner and hand sanitiser.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Old Penang ferry In Bagan Dalam awaiting finalisation of leasing

An old Penang ferry found partially sunken at a dockyard in Bagan Dalam in Butterworth is awaiting the finalisation of its leasing process to successful bidders, said the Penang Port Commission (PPC).

In a statement today, PPC chairman Datuk Tan Teik Cheng dismissed claims made by several quarters on social media that the retired ferry had been abandoned without proper planning.

“The Penang ferry is deemed no longer suitable as a mode of transport after considering its capability to carry passengers or vehicles now.

“Therefore, leasing the Penang ferry for conversion to a museum is in line with the wish to preserve Penang’s heritage, and it will be placed at the Tanjung City Marina later,” he added.

Tan said several leaks had caused the engine room to take in water and partially sink the ferry, but efforts were being made to pump out the water so that repairs could be made.

That ferry was part of a fleet of the iconic Penang ferry service that was terminated earlier this year to make way for fast boats which were introduced on Dec 31 last year.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Meenachi passing: Melaka loses dondang sayang iconic figure

— G.Meenachi, an iconic figure among dondang sayang and pantun (traditional musical and poetic art form) aficionados, died at the Melaka Hospital yesterday. She was 91.

According to Meenachi’s fifth child, Amuda Pillay, 55, her mother breathed her last at 7.18 pm, due to old age.

She said that the family is still awaiting permission from the hospital to bring Meenachi’s remains home for the funeral.

“There are still some procedures that need to be done. For funeral rites according to the Hindu customs, the cremation ceremony should be held between 1 pm and 3 pm today. However, if we run out of time, we will do it tomorrow, after seeking advice from the temple,” she said.

Describing her late mother as the oldest ‘encyclopedia’ related to culture and customs for the community living in Kampung Chetti here, Amuda said that her mother passing is a great loss for the dondang sayang and pantun culture in Melaka.

“If it’s about marriage, work, death, birth or anything related to Chetti customs, they would refer to my mother on how to go about it.

Always paying utmost care to her appearance, Meenachi, according to Amuda, would dress in beautiful batik sarung with a matching top, and with her hair styled in a neat bun. She often instructed her children to dress appropriately too.

“My later mother’s talent in dondang sayang and pantun is natural, she could just do it spontaneously. Unfortunately, none of us inherited her talents and skills,” she said when met by reporters in Kampung Chetti today.

Meenachi, born on Jan 4, 1930, was a descendant of the Chetty community in Melaka and very fluent in Malay, but not proficient in Tamil.

From as young as 10 years old, she was exposed to the world of pantun and dondang sayang where she inherited artistic talents from her family.

Meenachi used to play the rebana before she started honing her skills in pantun, and subsequently received guidance from the famed dondang sayang activist, Baba Kim Teck.

Even at the ripe old age of 90, Meenachi was still able to recite pantun, but was not as active as before due to health factors.

For her priceless contribution in upholding the arts of pantun, Meenachi received recognition from the state government and Melaka JKKN, including the Dondang Sayang Art Activist in 2019.

Dondang sayang and pantun are popular traditional art forms in Melaka, and are said to have started in the days of the Melaka Sultanate around the 15th century.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

UK recording zero deaths induces confidence in Malaysia’s vaccination exercise – Dr Adham

The United Kingdom’s (UK) success in recording zero deaths from COVID-19 recently has given the Malaysian government confidence in the effectiveness of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said the UK’s success has spurred the Malaysian government to continue and enhance its vaccination efforts towards providing protection and immunity to people against the virus.

“The data obtained shows that the UK with its vaccination programme has recorded zero deaths.

“Hence, it is important for us to provide vaccines to as many people as possible to prevent the COVID-19 situation from reaching a very serious level.”

Dr Adham said this to reporters after viewing the preparations for the operation of the mega vaccine administering centre (PPV) at the Persada International Convention Centre, here, today.

Four days ago, the media reported that the UK recorded zero deaths from COVID-19 for the first time since July last year, thus proving the effectiveness of its vaccination programme implemented since last December.

Dr Adham said that through phase one of the vaccination exercise, about 500,000 frontliners have been vaccinated while 9.3 million more individuals would receive the vaccine in phase two, followed by over 13 million in phase three.

“The government has taken the initiative of providing more PPV across the country including the mega PPV, mobile PPV, health clinic PPV, general hospital PPV and others to get as many people vaccinated,” he added.

He also reminded those who failed to turn up for their vaccination appointment to reschedule it through the MySejahtera application. “This is important to achieve herd immunity, hence breaking the COVID-19 chain,” he said.

“We have received daily reports on individuals failing to turn up for their vaccination appointment for various reasons including no transportation or fear of the injection.

“Therefore, they need to reschedule it via MySejahtera and we’ll see. Meanwhile, we have no problem with the vaccine supplied as we can keep it for the next day for other recipients,” he added.


Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Sarawak State Election postponed – EC

The Sarawak State Election, which is scheduled to be held this year, has been postponed.

Election Commission (EC) secretary Datuk Ikmalrudin Ishak said this was in view of the Proclamation of Emergency issued by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong on Jan 11 and the provisions of Section 13 of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021.

“The Sarawak State Election must be held on a date deemed fit by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong after consulting the Sarawak Yang Dipertua Negeri,” he said in a statement today.

He added that the EC had received an official notification from the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Speaker Datuk Amar Mohamad Asfia Awang Nassar today on the expiration of the term of the 18th Sarawak State Legislative Assembly.

However, under Section 15 of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021, the power to summon, prorogue and dissolve the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly has no effect, said Ikmalrudin.

Earlier, Mohamad Asfia said the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly, whose term is scheduled to end today, will continue to function until Aug 1, 2021, by virtue of the declaration of the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 2021.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Sabah allocates RM15 mln for needy students’ laptops

— The Sabah government has allocated RM15 million for the distribution of laptops to underprivileged students who will be sitting for their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) and Sijil Tinggi Agama Malaysia (STAM) examinations this year.

Chief Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor said 10,000 laptops will be distributed under phase 1 of the Bantuan Ihsan Komputer (BAIK) programme from July 19 until Oct 18.

Under phase one of BAIK, he said the laptops will be distributed to 9,842 students from the national secondary schools (SMK) and national vernacular secondary schools (SMJK) as well as 158 from the Sekolah Menengah Agama Negeri (SMAN).

“The state government hopes it will assist needy students. This is the state government’s approach to help them so that they will not be left out of the home-based teaching and learning (PdPR) programme.

“Those selected will be students whose parents or guardians are categorised as hardcore poor in the e-Kasih list. The chosen laptops of various brands could also be used by the students when they pursue further studies,” he said in a statement today.

Prior to this, Hajiji said the state Cabinet has agreed to set up a committee to be jointly-chaired by Special Tasks Minister and Science, Technology and Innovation Minister to find ways to assist poor students, so that they would not left out of the PdPR programme.

“The Special Tasks Ministry will be responsible for preparing the list of eligible students who fit the criteria set by the state Education Department while the state Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation will identify and decide laptops for eligible students,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency