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Sorman·Attali·Anholt “Seoul has shown ‘Safe City’ capabilities in the COVID-19 era” reports Republic of Korea news agency Newsis

‘Seoul Brand Global Forum’ was held at ‘Seoul ON’ studio located in Jung-Gu, Seoul on October 28th.
Lee Young-Hwan = ‘Seoul Brand Global Forum’ was held at ‘Seoul ON’ studio located in Jung-Gu, Seoul on October 28th. An introductory video is coming out showing session 1 speaker Simon Anholt, founder of the National Brand Concept, Guy Sorman, civilization critic, and Jacques Attali, Chairman of Planet Finance. The forum was held under the theme of ‘SEOUL Initiative-The Future of City Leadership in the New Global Era. 2020.10.28.
‘5th Seoul Brand Global Forum’ held in Seoul, October 28th. Speaker Park Jin-Young, Director-general of Public Communications, talks about ‘The Strategy for the Seoul Brand’s take off in the New Global Era’, including COVID-19 countermeasures.
Lee Young-Hwan = ‘5th Seoul Brand Global Forum’ was held at ‘Seoul ON’ studio located in Jung-Gu, Seoul on October 28th. Session 3 speaker Park Jin-Young, Director-general of Public Communications, SMG is talking about ‘The Strategy for the Seoul Brand’s take off in the New Global Era’, including COVID-19 countermeasure. The forum was held under the theme of ‘SEOUL Initiative-The Future of City Leadership in the New Global Era. 2020.10.28.

Seoul City Hall, International Forum on ‘Urban leadership in the Global Era’
Guy Sorman “Seoul needs to be promoted as a ‘safe city’ to the world”
Jacques Attali “Seoul has responded flexibly to COVID-19 with Capability”

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — How will the scholars around the world evaluate Seoul’s quarantine measures and ‘city brand value’ in the era of Corona Virus Disease(COVID-19)?

Civilization critic and a visiting professor from the Paris School of Political Science in France Guy Sorman, an economist, futurologist and the chairman of Planet Finance Jacques Attali, and an international marketing consultant and founder of the national brand concept Simon Anhlot said in one voice that the international community has come to recognize Seoul as a ‘safe city’ by appreciating Seoul’s ability to respond to COVID-19.

However, they suggested that Seoul should exercise necessary leadership such as COVID-19 quarantine policy in the post-COVID-19 era in order to publicize the positive image of ‘safe city Seoul’ and exert more influence.

They also emphasized that taking the lead in addressing international issues such as climate change, human trafficking, human rights abuses and environment pollution would be helpful.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government held ‘The 5th Seoul Brand Global Forum’ under the theme of ‘The Future of City Leadership in the New Global Era’ on October 28th.

The forum was held online. Professor Sorman, Chairman Attali, and Consultant Anholt attended the event and discussed about Seoul’s global leadership and vision after COVID-19.

Firstly, Professor Sorman emphasized that the concept of ‘safety’ and ‘Korean Civilization’ should be actively utilized in order to build Seoul as a global brand.

“Safety is a top priority right now. The world refers to South Korea’s COVID-19 strategy, and the concept of ‘safe city Seoul’ is a well-hidden gem. We need to make good use of the concept to announce that Seoul is safe from attacks and diseases, and an idea that ‘it is a city that people can visit anytime they want’,” he said.

Chairman Attali also praised that Seoul is one of the most important cities in the world, with its ability to respond to COVID-19. “Seoul is showing off its capabilities by dealing with COVID-19 more flexibly than any other cities in the world. Seoul has thorough sanitation and medical capabilities. The city has distributed a large amount of masks to citizens and provided COVID-19 tests to show the world’s best ability to solve the disease,” Attali said.

Attali also explained, “What I learned from COVID-19 is that a concept of a ‘good city’ is a city that prepares for the well-being of not only present, but also future citizens. This is what people call a ‘positive society’ or a ‘positive city.’”

Anholt said that if Seoul delivers its visible and creative efforts to reduce the COVID-19 impact to its citizens as well as neighboring cities, countries or the entire world, it will eventually acquire an improved national image. “If Seoul takes the lead in addressing international issues such as climate change, migration, environment pollution, human trafficking, corruption and human right abuses, the image of the country and the city will improve and it will also lead to faster economic growth.”

Kim Jeonghwan

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US Economy Surges 7.4% From July to September

WASHINGTON – The U.S. economy surged 7.4% from July to September, the country’s Commerce Department reported Thursday, as businesses began to reopen and consumers, supported by government coronavirus relief assistance, started spending again amid the ongoing pandemic.

The third quarter gain partially offset the 9% plunge in the April-to-June period when much of the country’s economic life was shut down as the coronavirus swept into the country from China and Europe.

The third quarter advance is the last major economic report before next Tuesday’s presidential and congressional elections, and it could buttress claims by Republican President Donald Trump in his contest against Democratic challenger Joe Biden that the country is on pace for a rapid recovery.

Trump, in a Twitter comment, called the new figure the “Biggest and Best in the History of our Country, and not even close. Next year will be FANTASTIC!!! However, Sleepy Joe Biden and his proposed record setting tax increase, would kill it all. So glad this great GDP (Gross Domestic Product) number came out before November 3rd.”

Biden, however, said in a statement, “Yes, GDP rose last quarter, but visits to food banks haven’t slowed, and poverty has grown. African Americans and Latinos still face double-digit unemployment rates. The added caregiving burden in the wake of Trump’s failed pandemic response has forced many women to drop out of the labor force altogether.”

Biden concluded, “The recovery is slowing if not stalling; and the recovery that is happening is helping those at the top but leaving tens of millions of working families and small businesses behind.”

The three-month surge translated into a 33.1% annualized rate, a hugely unsustainable figure in a country that is more accustomed to annual gains of 2% to 3%.

Economists say they expect the U.S. economy, the world’s largest, to advance again in the last three months of the year, but not as fast as in the third quarter. The U.S. economy for the year is expected to finish smaller than at the end of 2019.

Uncertainty lies in the fact that the U.S. is now recording soaring numbers of new coronavirus cases – 70,000 or more daily in recent days – that could curb commerce, as some state officials reimpose restrictions on businesses they previously had lifted.

Whether there will be more government coronavirus relief assistance and when – beyond the mostly already spent $3 trillion approved months ago – is also unclear.


In the last days before next Tuesday’s elections, Trump and fractious Republican and Democratic lawmakers failed to reach an agreement on a new aid package – either the size of it or exactly who might benefit from it.

There is broad agreement to send a second round of $1,200 checks to most adult Americans and to reinstitute heightened national unemployment benefits on top of less generous state assistance. But the size of the new federal jobless aid and how long it would last have not been settled, nor the scope of more aid for financially troubled businesses and state and local governments.

Congress, in a lame-duck legislative session after the Tuesday elections, could act then on the coronavirus relief package, or wait until after either Trump or Biden is sworn in for a new presidential term on January 20.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that 751,000 jobless workers filed new claims for unemployment compensation last week, down 40,000 from the week before, and the second straight week the figure has fallen below 800,000.

The agency said 7.7 million workers remain unemployed, but the jobless rate had fallen to 5.3%, an extended improvement from the high point of 14.7% in April.

The recent weekly claims figures are well below the 6.9 million record number of claims filed in late March as the coronavirus swept into the United States but remain above the highest pre-pandemic level in records going back to the 1960s.

U.S. employers have called back millions of workers who were laid off during business shutdowns earlier this year, yet some hard-hit businesses have been slow to ramp up their operations again or have closed permanently. This has left workers idled or searching for new employment as coronavirus cases are surging again.

In addition, such major corporations as AT&T, Warner Media, Walt Disney, and Allstate, along with several airlines, have announced major layoffs in recent weeks as the U.S. economy works to regain its footing.



Source: Voice of America


Volunteers Step Up COVID Support for Some of Malaysia’s Hardest-Hit Outposts

SHAH ALAM, MALAYSIA – At a storage site about a half-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, a team of about 30 volunteers weigh, mark and stack box after box of donated food and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Altogether, it’s about 4.5 tons of much needed supplies, including face masks, coveralls, sardines and powdered milk. It’s all being organized before being sent to one of Malaysia’s most rural areas, Semporna, which has seen a surge in cases of COVID-19 in recent weeks.

“This is where we are putting all of our blood, sweat and tears to help the ones in Semporna, given their conditions at this point in time,” said volunteer JenitaFawzi. “Cases are rising, and we feel that we would love to do what we can to help the situation.”


Semporna is a district in the eastern state of Sabah, Malaysia’s poorest. Statewide elections that were held last month are being blamed for the rising number of cases of COVID-19 across the state. In Semporna, where some live in remote communities accessible only by boat, thousands are under total lockdown.

“They don’t have access to things like pharmacies, shopping malls and things like that,” said William Cheah, 48. “If you understand the geography of Semporna, some are even living in what we call sea villages. They have houses on stilts in the middle of the sea, and right now, a lot of them are not allowed to leave that village on stilts.”

Five years ago, Cheah and his wife, Chan Yi Lyn, 37, co-founded Kembara Kitchen, a social enterprise that provides food to the needy, sets up mobile kitchens to feed victims of natural disasters and in recent weeks, provided free meals to coronavirus front-liners.

“You do not need to be a very big person to have a very big impact if everybody comes together,” Cheah said. “Even though everyone gives a little, the value we create in this time of need is very big.”


Zach Ho and his wife, Ivy, dropped off some powdered milk formula and Milo, a chocolate and malt powder.

“We feel that every contribution helps,” said Ho. “Even though it’s a very small amount, we hope that it helps the situation in Semporna.”

News about the donation drive was spread on Facebook. The supplies were flown to the nearest airport to Semporna before being distributed by government agencies and local nongovernment organizations.

Kembara Kitchen was focusing on getting supplies to Semporna but is starting to expand its donation drives to also help other hard-hit parts of Sabah.

Volunteer Tan Mei Ling, 58, is a piano teacher whose music school is currently closed because of COVID restrictions. She helped stack and organize boxes of PPE.

“I thought I would just come and help,” Tan said. “Since I was free, I couldn’t teach, so I just came to help. And it feels good.”


Source: Voice of America


PMTA Verified Launches PMTAFiled.com

Online Resource for Real-Time PMTA Alerts and Updates

Miami, FLA, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PMTA Verified announces the launch of PMTAFiled.com; the only independent verified online resource for real-time PMTA alerts and updates.

Founded by a Board-Certified Emergency Room Physician driven to provide his patients and community up-to-date, unbiased, comprehensive product status information and ensures adult consumers and the trade make informed decisions on Pre-Market Authorized products and beyond.

It has been just over seven weeks since the September 9th, PMTA submission deadline and there is even more misinformation and confusion being spread now than before. During this critical time, a dependable online resource for consumers and business-owners is needed to disseminate accurate and reliable information and bring clarification to the market.  “At PMTA Verified, we stand for every Small Business Owner’s right to make decisions regarding their business without the fear of fines, unsafe products, or a devastating loss in income due to confiscated inventory”, said Laura Tobin, Press Manager of PMTA Verified at PMTAfiled.com.

PMTA Verified provides vetted and confirmed filing statuses to the product level, making it simple and easy for adult consumers and the trade to understand what phase of the FDA review process brands and products have achieved. Ensuring no invalid or motive driven announcements, the PMTA Verified team works directly with Brand Owners and Manufacturers to obtain signed and verified FDA Acceptance Letters for each stage of the PMTA process. Any brand that has made a claim of PMTA submission or acceptance but has not provided PMTA Verified with a signed FDA letter, will be categorized as “Unverified” until the proper documentation has been submitted and confirmed.

Carlos Smith, MD, PMTA Verified Founder, “After months of dead-end research on behalf of my patients, I was compelled to break through the fog of confusion and provide, through the creation of PMTA Verified, honest and transparent insight into the products consumers may potentially choose. Of course, I always prefer abstinence. I do understand, however, that quitting and continued abstinence from smoking is extremely difficult. Thankfully, over the past several years I have personally witnessed the benefits of ENDS products over combustible tobacco products. And, through PMTA Verified, I can ensure these less hazardous ENDS products remain available to those adult users who depend on them.”

SMOOREHalo, and Bad Drips are among leading brands confirmed as “Verified” on PMTAFiled.com. The PMTA Verified team continues to work directly with these and other brands to fully vet FDA Acceptance Letters and provide updates for each stage of the PMTA Approval Process.

“We are confident that with all the comprehensive studies, the vapers would be well protected. American vapers would continue its vaping journey with rigorously tested devices and e-liquid options.”, stated Eve Wang, Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited (SMOORE, makers of Vaporesso)

Jeffrey Stamler, CEO, and Co-Founder of Nicopure Labs, a subsidiary of Pure Laboratories, Gainesville, Florida “It’s been almost 2 months since the FDA filing deadline, and the FDA has yet to provide transparency of any kind as to which products and brands are permitted to remain on the market based on an Accepted PMTA application. Nicopure has always been compelled to lead the industry to the safest possible products and standards. It’s great to see PMTA Verified stepping in to fill this void, to assist business owners so that they can wisely invest in inventory and protect their businesses”

PMTA Verified is here to pave the way and bring adult vapers, small business owners, and manufacturers together, united under one goal – to offer verified facts and certainty to the industry in such an uncertain time.

About Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited

The Company is a global leader in offering vaping technology solutions, including manufacturing vaping devices and vaping components an ODM basis, with advanced R&D technology, strong manufacturing capacity, wide-spectrum product portfolio, and diverse customer base. According to Frost & Sullivan, the Company is the world’s largest vaping device manufacturer in terms of revenue, accounting for 16.5% of the total market share, in 2019. Through its innovative and pioneering vaping technology solutions, the Company operates two principal business segments: research, design, and manufacturing of closed system vaping devices and vaping components for several global leading tobacco companies and independent vaping companies, and research, design, manufacturing, and sale of self-branded open-system vaping devices, or advanced personal vaporizers (APV), for retail clients.

VAPORESSO as a self-brand owned by SMOORE, is carrying the mission of Beyond the Ordinary. With consistent innovating and quality producing, VAPORESSO is dedicated to satisfying its customers through various vape devices with high-quality vaping experience.

About Nicopure Labs and Pure Laboratories

As the ENDS division of global manufacturer Pure Laboratories, Nicopure Labs, makers of world-renowned Halo have experienced over 10 years of global brand dominance by investing in cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art R&D lab, and world-renowned subject experts.  As the world’s number one tobacco and menthol e-liquid blends, Nicopure’s products may be found in over 110 countries worldwide and continues to expand its presence globally. For more information about Nicopure, visit www.nicopure.com.

Pure Laboratories LLC, also known as Pure Labs, is an industry leading global consumer goods manufacturer that produces award-winning, first of its kind, patented products. Pure Labs has a state-of-the-art 110,000-sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Gainesville, Florida as well as industry leading experts focused on revolutionizing regulated and unregulated consumer goods and global brand co-manufacturing.

For media inquiries, please email press@purelabs.com.

About PMTA Verified

PMTA Verified was born in 2016, to a nonprofit organization founded by a group of concerned Vapers and Industry leaders. PMTA Verified is led by an Emergency Room Physician and a passionate group of professionals that have all witnessed the impacts of limited solutions and misinformation within the communities and patients they serve.

To sign up for real-time PMTA alerts and information, visit pmtafiled.com. For media inquiries, please email press@pmtafiled.com. To submit your PMTA filing documentation, email info@pmtafiled.com.


Laura Tobin
PMTA Verified


Sinch announces Conversation API enabling businesses and technology platforms to deliver seamless omni-channel engagement with consumers anywhere in the world

Seattle, WA and Stockholm, Sweden – Sinch AB (publ) – XSTO: SINCH

Sinch AB (publ), a global leader in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement, today announced Conversation API, a robust omnichannel communication product that empowers businesses and technology platforms to seamlessly engage with consumers in any part of the world. Conversation API leads to improved business outcomes such as increased customer acquisition rates, enhanced customer experience and lower churn rates.

With Conversation API, businesses can create rich and engaging conversations with their customers via widely used consumer channels — including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, SMS, MMS, RCS, and more. Integrating Conversation API is a one-time effort that saves businesses and technology partners time and development cost of working with each channel separately. With Conversation API, companies are sure to adhere to channel-specific regulations and country-specific compliance in the areas of consumer privacy and engagement criteria.

Providing the building block of mobile customer experience, Sinch Conversation API is easily integrated into any technology platform and customer journey infrastructure. The integration comes either via the API itself or connectors to the world’s leading customer experience platforms in marketing, customer service or customer care.

Please visit the Sinch website to learn more about the Conversation API.

“The real value in the Sinch Conversation API comes from the ability to develop personalized and intelligent conversations with consumers by engaging with them where they find it most convenient,” said Vikram Khandpur, Sinch Chief Product Officer. “And in such a rapidly changing environment, the Sinch Conversation API is next-gen channel ready: companies will automatically have access to even more through the API as they grow their customer bases around the globe.”

The Sinch Conversation API gets businesses closer to their customers through industry-leading intelligence via message routing, transcoding and conversation AI as well as personalization that comes through one contact profile, conversational context, and rich media.

Sinch powers mobile customer experience for 8 of the top 10 tech companies as well as thousands of other businesses and technology partners reaching customers locally and globally.

“At its core, excellent customer communication is about having meaningful and effective conversations with customers so that companies can meet their needs,” said Ritu Jyoti, IDC Program Vice President. “A reliable and productive conversation leads to improved customer satisfaction, faster response times, increased loyalty to brands, and reduced effort from the customer. Conversational AI will play a critical role for companies to realize these benefits.“

Next-gen messaging has distinct advantages over other channels and mobile apps.

Mobile messaging and channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messaging and RCS have a 98 percent open rate1 compared to the average email open rate of 24.79 percent2.

Such channels enable conversations between business and consumer; so Sinch also offers automation of 2-way conversations via its leading chatbot technology, Chatlayer.ai. Plus, the company provides managed services for customers who want further assistance to fully understand and maximize engagement on mobile channels.

The business benefits of conversational messaging are significant. Businesses have increased conversion 30 percent to 50 percent vs. communication by email or standard SMS campaigns. Some have greatly reduced costs by moving conversations from voice, webchat and apps to messaging which is more cost-effective, has higher reach, and provides a better user experience.  For instance, food delivery leader iFood has seen a 71 percent conversion and
80 percent acquisition cost reduction for new restaurants through conversational messaging over WhatsApp.


Sinch brings businesses and people closer with tools enabling personal engagement. Its leading cloud communications platform lets businesses reach every mobile phone on the planet, in seconds or less, through mobile messaging, voice and video. Sinch is a trusted software provider to mobile operators, and its platform powers business-critical communications for many of the world’s largest companies. Sinch has been profitable and fast-growing since its foundation in 2008. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has local presence in more than 30 countries. Shares are traded at NASDAQ Stockholm: XSTO:SINCH. Visit us at sinch.com.

For further information, please contact:

Jeff Hasen
Director of Communications

1 https://www.smscomparison.com/mass-text-messaging/2020-growth/ )

2 https://www.smartinsights.com/email-marketing/email-communications-strategy/statistics-sources-for-email-marketing/).


Trip.com Group’s Charter Flight Service makes its debut at Macau Business Aviation Exhibition

Trip.com Group Representatives launch Trip.com Group’s new Charter Service at the 9th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition

Trip.com Group Representatives launch Trip.com Group’s new Charter Service at the 9th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition

MACAU, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Trip.com Group, a leading online travel services provider, today officially extended its charter flight service business in Macau. From October 29 to October 31, Trip.com Group is showcasing its new air charter service at the 9th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition.

Trip.com Group view Macau as a priority for groundbreaking air charter connections between domestic and international destinations, and the service is going “online” to offer the charter flight market in Macau a promising future. Trip.com Group platforms (Trip.com: https://www.trip.com/aircharter; Ctrip: https://m.ctrip.com/webapp/cw/flight/flightCharterPlane/homePage.html) are now offering a fleet of over 3,000 aircraft on offer from more than 200 international operators for travelers to browse with the click of a button. Business jets, helicopters, civil aviation aircraft and turboprop aircraft are all on offer and experts are available to meet specific demands for charter flights.

“This move is a breakthrough in the aircraft industry and another way in which Trip.com Group is innovating travel with its customer-focused approach,” Air Charter Services General Manager Yu Ji said at the 9th Macau Business Aviation Exhibition. “Customers complain that offline services suffer from information barriers, limited availability of models, opaque pricing and poor service standards.”

“Trip.com Group’s online air charter service provides increased transparency in pricing, convenience in service and efficiency in communication, which will enable growth in the Macau market,” he added.

Integrating the charter flight service into Trip.com Group platforms means travelers can now browse charter flight options together with worldwide hotels, cars, meetings, tours, local guides and other services.

About Trip.com Group:
Trip.com Group is a leading one-stop travel service provider comprising of Trip.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, and Qunar. Across its platforms, Trip.com Group enables local partners and travelers around the world to make informed and cost-effective bookings for travel products and services, through the aggregation of comprehensive travel-related information and resources, and an advanced transaction platform consisting of mobile apps, Internet websites and 24/7 customer service centers. Founded in 1999 and listed on NASDAQ in 2003, Trip.com Group has become one of the best-known travel brands in the world, with the mission of ‘making every trip the perfect trip’.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/7a04108f-be05-4c73-ab04-4bbcee62d9f7

For additional information, visit Trip.com Group Newsroom 
Media Relations Contact:
Trip.com Group PR 
Tel: (+86) 21 3406 4880 ext 196455

Trip.com Group’s LIVE for Trip livestream marathon generates USD 56 million in GMV

Trip.com Group’s BOSS Live Broadcast October 29

James Liang, Trip.com Group chairman and co-founder, (left) hosts the BOSS Live broadcast on October 29

SINGAPORE, Oct. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From 10 October, leading online travel services provider, Trip.com Group has held the “LIVE for Trip” campaign as a part of its Travel On initiative to bolster the recovery of the global travel industry and coincide with the company’s 21st anniversary.

On 28 October, Trip.com Group’s 21st anniversary, the LIVE for Trip series featured a marathon livestreaming event. James Liang, Trip.com Group chairman and co-founder, hosted a special four-hour BOSS Live program to round off the day’s celebrations, whilst leading industry representatives and presenters led the marathon broadcast throughout the day.

The livestream marathon and BOSS Live show on 28 October generated a cumulative transaction volume of more than USD 56 million and attracted a total audience of over 19.4 million viewers. As of 28 October, Trip.com Group livestream programming, including BOSS Live and regional livestreams, has created a total of around USD 360 million in GMV, with a total audience of more than 150 million global viewers.

Broadcasts during this campaign feature over 2,500 travel products, from hotels, flights and vacation packages to tourist attraction tickets and more. LIVE for Trip has over USD 150 million in travel discounts and subsidies available for customers and partners to enjoy and utilize across Trip.com Group platforms.

From 23 March to 28 October, Trip.com Group’s livestream series have generated more than USD 360 million in GMV and received more than 150 million global views. Trip.com Group platforms have made steady progress in domestic travel recoveries. During China’s October Golden Week holiday, Trip.com Group’s China market platforms saw transaction volumes of short-haul hotel bookings increase by almost 60% year-on-year and the overall GMV of hotels grow by 300% in the four days before the Golden Week holiday compared with this year’s May Day holiday. These are optimistic signs for travel recovery in domestic markets and, as travel restrictions are eased, provide strength to the recovery of international travel.

For the LIVE for Trip campaign, Trip.com Group has collaborated with more than 100 hotel brands, including InterContinental, Accor, Hyatt, Shimao, Shangri-La, to share this opportunity and work together to offer travelers incredible discounts. High-end hotel bookings have seen consistent increases during the travel recovery, that’s why Trip.com Group is focused on this area and working closely with partners to pursue this trend, offering customers top discounts on luxury hotels.

Livestream broadcasts have showcased destinations around the world. Travel products from Trip.com Group destination partners such as Japan, South Korea, Fiji, Queensland, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, UAE, Maldives, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Russia, Finland, Mexico, feature in LIVE for Trip shows viewed by millions of customers.

LIVE for Trip’s success this week not only marks Trip.com Group’s 21st anniversary but also adds another milestone to the leading online travel services provider’s key role in the travel recovery. A continuation of the Travel On initiative that saw Trip.com Group invest more than USD 150 million in the travel industry, LIVE for Trip embodies the innovative channels, industry cooperation and COVID-tailored products that have helped revitalize travel.

On 29 October, Trip.com LIVE shows featuring top tourism and industry representatives will be hosted in Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, boosting local markets. Visit Trip.com Group’s official Twitter and Facebook pages for links to upcoming Trip.com LIVE broadcasts.

About Trip.com Group:
Trip.com Group is a leading one-stop travel service provider comprising of Trip.com, Ctrip, Skyscanner, and Qunar. Across its platforms, Trip.com Group enables local partners and travelers around the world to make informed and cost-effective bookings for travel products and services, through the aggregation of comprehensive travel-related information and resources, and an advanced transaction platform consisting of mobile apps, websites and 24/7 customer service centers. Founded in 1999 and listed on NASDAQ in 2003, Trip.com Group has become one of the best-known travel brands in the world, with the mission of ‘making every trip the perfect trip’.

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/75913918-4b17-4bc1-b40d-8d3ff241bd19

For additional information, visit Trip.com Group Newsroom 
Media Relations Contact:
Trip.com Group PR 
Tel: (+86) 21 3406 4880 ext 196455