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Lithium Werks, B.V., announces the formation of a new Specialty High-Performance business unit that will collaborate with leading global sports car manufacturers for their electrification of their fleet and to supply them with the world’s fastest and most powerful lithium batteries

AUSTIN, Texas and ENSCHEDE, The Netherlands, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lithium Werks, leveraging their premier intellectual property portfolio of Lithium Iron Phosphate, featuring its MIT developed Nanophosphate® cathode material and other new high voltage materials, and over a decade of developing world-class coating expertise and patented cell designs, the company’s new unit will work with the world’s leading high-end sports car companies to enable them to launch game-changing and innovative electric sports cars with unparalleled power, speed and performance.

As a part of this new initiative, Lithium Werks is also announcing that the new business unit will be able to deliver several new cell sizes, in addition to the current 18650 and 26650 cell formats. These new cell sizes include the 18700, 21700 and 26700 cylindrical cell sizes. This will allow packs and solutions in different shapes and sizes depending on the OEM’s requirements.

Lithium Werks aims to shape the future of high-end sports cars and motorsports featuring new binders, specialty polymers, blends and nanocrystalline materials along with patented cell designs, delivering batteries that will meet the most challenging performance in both speed and power, that previously was thought impossible.

For more information, please contact us at https://lithiumwerks.com/contact/

About Lithium Werks – Lithium Werks was formed in 2017 and has quietly put together the world’s leading position of Lithium Iron Phosphate materials, cells, modules and battery management systems. They are one of the world’s fastest growing lithium ion battery companies, and a global leader in LFP patents and products, with operations in China, Europe and the United States. For more information about Lithium Werks, please visit www.lithiumwerks.com.

Integrity Applications Provides Commercial Update

WILMINGTON, Del. and ASHDOD, Israel, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Integrity Applications, Inc. (www.integrity-app.com) (OTCQB: IGAP), innovator of GlucoTrack®, a non-invasive device for measuring glucose levels in people with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes, today provided an update as to its commercialization activities.

Earlier this year, the Company announced that it had received CE Mark approval to simplify the use of GlucoTrack by allowing a user to perform the calibration process by themselves without the need for an on-site trainer for guidance. With this major enhancement, the Company believes it has a pathway to commercialize GlucoTrack on a mass scale through its distribution partners, and in certain markets, directly to the consumer.

Since receiving this approval, the Company has been conducting testing and internal trials of upgraded software and has been developing a redesigned personal ear clip to enhance usability and comfort of the device, all of which have been completed.

The Company has now begun the implementation of its commercial launch with the completion of its initial shipment of redesigned GlucoTrack personal ear clip units and software upgrade to MediReva, its exclusive distribution partner in the Netherlands.

Prior to going into full production, MediReva will conduct field testing on the new units with the self-calibration feature embedded, with the expectation for GlucoTrack to be available to the public early next year. The Company is currently working with several insurance companies on steps towards reimbursement approval.

As part of its planned rollout, in addition to the Netherlands, the Company is in the process of identifying and negotiating with additional distributors in other key geographic regions.

“Low compliance to glucose self-monitoring among patients with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes is still highly prevalent,” said Erez Ben-Zvi, Integrity’s Vice President of Product. “Launching our first non-invasive GlucoTrack units with the self-calibration software is key for increased monitoring compliance and a major milestone for the Company. We look forward to a successful launch in the Netherlands and continued execution on our commercial strategy.”

“The market desperately needs the solution that GlucoTrack provides. We continue to make progress in our efforts to receive insurance reimbursement for GlucoTrack in the Dutch market, and we are excited to be the first to offer such an innovative product for those suffering with Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes,” said Paul Ummels, CEO of MediReva.

About GlucoTrack®

GlucoTrack® is a truly non-invasive monitoring device that rapidly measures and displays an individual’s glucose level in about a minute without finger pricking or any pain. GlucoTrack® features an ear clip with sensors that clips to the earlobe and measures the user’s glucose level using innovative and patented sensor technologies. The measured signals are analyzed using a proprietary algorithm and then a calculated glucose level is displayed on a small handheld device the size of a small mobile phone. The glucose results are stored in the device and used to estimate HbA1c level using a proprietary algorithm. The device can also display glucose values graphically, enabling the user to monitor glucose levels over time. GlucoTrack® has received approvals for CE Mark in Europe and from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea for type 2 diabetes and prediabetes and is currently available in selected markets in Europe and Asia.

About Integrity Applications, Inc.

Integrity Applications, Inc. (OTCQB: IGAP) was founded in 2001 and is focused on the design, development, and commercialization of non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies for people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. The Company has developed GlucoTrack®, a proprietary non-invasive glucose monitoring device designed to obtain glucose level measurements in about a minute without the pain, incremental cost, difficulty, or discomfort of conventional invasive finger stick devices. Integrity Applications Inc. is a Delaware corporation, with headquarters in the United States and an R&D site in Ashdod, Israel. For more information, please visit http://www.integrity-app.com/ and http://www.glucotrack.com.

Investor Contact:  investors@integrity-app.com
Media Contact: media@integrity-app.com

Forward-Looking Statements

This news release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements contained in this news release that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, words such as “expect”, “plan” and “will” are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Readers are cautioned that certain important factors may affect Integrity Applications’ actual results and could cause such results to differ materially from any forward-looking statements that may be made in this news release. Factors that may affect Integrity Applications’ results include, but are not limited to, the ability of Integrity Applications to raise additional capital to finance its operations (whether through public or private equity offerings, debt financings, strategic collaborations or otherwise); risks relating to the receipt (and timing) of regulatory approvals (including FDA approval); risks relating to enrollment of patients in, and the conduct of, clinical trials; risks relating to its current and future distribution agreements; risks relating to its ability to hire and retain qualified personnel, including sales and distribution personnel; and the additional risk factors described in Integrity Applications’ filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), including its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2019 as filed with the SEC on April 14, 2020.

Jeito Capital co-leads $110 Million Series A Financing in Neogene Therapeutics

Rafaèle Tordjman Launches JEITO CAPITAL, a New Private Equity Company  Dedicated to Biotech-biopharmaceuticals, and Announces the Closing of JEITO  I at €200 Million

Jeito Capital co-leads $110 Million Series A Financing in Neogene Therapeutics

  • Neogene becomes Jeito Capital’s first investment following the fund I launch in January 2020
  • Round co-led by Jeito Capital alongside EcoR1 Capital and Syncona; with support from Neogene Therapeutics’ strategic seed investors Vida Ventures, TPG and Two River
  • Neogene Therapeutics is focused on developing a new class of fully personalized neo-antigen T cell therapies to treat a range of cancers, with a focus on solid tumors

Paris, France, 14 September 2020 – Jeito Capital (“Jeito”), a rapidly emerging independent investor dedicated to biotech and biopharma, today announced that it has co-led a $110 million Series A financing in Neogene Therapeutics, Inc. (“Neogene”), a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering a new class of fully personalized neo-antigen T cell therapies to treat cancer. The financing was co-led by Jeito alongside new investors EcoR1 Capital and Syncona with support from Neogene’s strategic seed investors Vida Ventures, TPG and Two River.

Neogene has developed a proprietary technology platform that is able to identify and isolate specific T cell receptor (TCR) genes from routine tumor samples using state-of-the-art synthetic biology tools. Using this state-of-the-art synthetic biology, Neogene’s platform selects identified TCRs specific to mutated proteins found in a patient’s cancer cells (neo-antigens) with high sensitivity, specificity and at scale. The isolated TCR genes are subsequently engineered into T cells of cancer patients to provide large numbers of potent and targeted T cells for therapy.

Neogene has already achieved proof-of-concept for its neo-antigen technology platform and the Series A financing will enable the Company to further develop its technology and progress towards clinical stage. The funds will also be used to grow the Company’s offices in Amsterdam, New York and Santa Monica.

Rafaèle Tordjman, Founder and CEO at Jeito, said: “We are extremely pleased to have made our first investment according to plan and in such a high-quality company. Neogene’s approach perfectly aligns with Jeito’s mission to support new and established entrepreneurs aspiring to help patients in need by pioneering novel, ground-breaking medicines that rethink traditional approaches. With the depth of experience of Neogene’s leadership team, the quality of its science, and its strong new and existing investor base we believe that Neogene has significant potential to transform cancer treatment for patients around the world. 

“Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have been encouraged by our strong deal flow in Europe and we remain on track to meet our targets. We look forward to announcing further investments in the near future as we continue to identify opportunities to invest in ground-breaking medical innovation in Europe and beyond.”

Dr. Carsten Linnemann, CEO at Neogene, said: “Neogene is committed to forging a new path for fully personalized treatment options for cancer patients and we are pleased to welcome Jeito Capital as a new investor alongside EcoR1 Capital and Syncona. Attracting investors of such a high caliber is a further validation of our technology and strategy to bring personalized engineered T cell therapies to patients.”

About Jeito Capital
Jeito Capital is an international investment company with a patient benefit driven approach that focuses both on financing ground-breaking medical innovation and promoting positive societal impact. Jeito has a unique, long-term investment strategy, with the aim of providing continuity from clinical development to market access for breakthrough drugs with validated proofs of concept. This continuity is expressed both in the support provided to entrepreneurs by the Jeito Capital team and by the investment of significant capital to ensure the growth of companies, the acceleration towards commercialization and faster access to these major innovations.  Jeito Capital is based in Paris with a presence in Europe and the United States.

About Neogene Therapeutics
Neogene Therapeutics, Inc. is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering development of next-generation, fully personalized engineered T cells therapies for a broad spectrum of cancers. The Company’s engineered T cells target mutated proteins found in cancer cells due to cancer-associated DNA mutations, or neo-antigens, that render tumor cells vulnerable to detection by T cells. Neogene’s proprietary technology platform aims to identify TCR genes with specificity for neo-antigens from tumor biopsies. Neogene’s novel approach intends to deliver a tailored set of TCR genes for each individual patient, which will be engineered into patient-derived T cells directing them towards neo-antigens in tumor cells, with the goal of providing a fully personalized engineered T cell therapy for cancer.

Neogene was founded in 2018 by a team of world-class cell therapy experts to advance the development of neo-antigen T cell therapies. Carsten Linnemann, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Neogene, and Ton Schumacher, Ph.D., Principal Investigator at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Oncode Institute and 2020 recipient of the Dutch Research Council’s Stevin Award co-founded the Company with individual investments by cell therapy industry veterans Arie Belldegrun, M.D. FACS, founder of Kite Pharma, Inc. and Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Allogene Therapeutics, Inc. and David Chang, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Allogene. Dr. Linnemann and Dr. Schumacher previously co-founded T-Cell Factory B.V., a company acquired by Kite Pharma in 2015. Dr. Schumacher, an internationally leading immunologist in the areas of neo-antigen biology and T cell engineering, developed the seminal concepts of Neogene’s proprietary technology. For more information, please visit www.neogene.com, and follow @Neogene Therapeutics on LinkedIn.

For more information please contact:

Jeito Capital

Rafaèle Tordjman, Founder and CEO


  Consilium Strategic Communications

Mary-Jane Elliott / Melissa Gardiner / Kris Lam


COVID-19: 47 new cases reported today – Health D-G

— A total of 47 new COVID-19 positive cases were reported today, of which 45 were local transmissions and two imported cases, said Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

He said the 45 local transmissions comprised 28 Malaysians and 17 foreigners while the two imported cases involved foreigners from Maldives (one case in Kuala Lumpur) and Morocco (one case in Selangor).

He said that with the 47 new cases today, the cumulative total number of positive COVID-19 cases now was 9,915, with 591 active cases.

“So far, nine patients are being treated in the intensive care unit (ICU), with four needing respiratory assistance.

“Seven patients have recovered, taking the cumulative total number of recoveries to 9,196 cases,” he said in a statement today.

He said no fatalities were reported today and the death toll remains at 128.

On the Benteng Lahad Datu Cluster in Sabah, Dr Noor Hisham said a total of 4,666 people were screened and 22 tested positive today, taking the overall tally from this cluster to 403 cases.

“In Tawau, 3,408 people were screened and 315 tested positive while 88 out of the 1,258 screened in Lahad Datu tested positive.

“The 403 cases detected in the cluster involve 383 detainees, two personnel, three family members of staff and detainees as well as 15 social contacts,” he said.

Dr Noor Hisham said that of the 403 cases from the cluster, 176 were Malaysians while 227 were foreigners from the Philippines (152 cases) and Indonesia (75 cases).

As for the Tawar Cluster in Kedah, 13 new cases were reported today following the screening of 18,233 people, including 649 health workers.

Dr Noor Hisham said that all the new Tawar Cluster cases were detected in Kedah, thus taking the overall tally to 81 cases.

As for the Sungai Cluster, he said a total of 14,044 individuals were screened and only one tested positive in Kedah today.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Penang denies neglecting fishermen in PSR project

Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1, Datuk Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abdul Rahman said PSR is a project which would be implemented to protect the interest and welfare of Penang residents in the future.

“The state government does not deny they (fishermen) will be affected. We are not only taking care of the fishermen’s welfare…there is a greater purpose why we want to carry out the land reclamation.

“We are running out of land. We do not have land for industries, development and others, so there is a need to carry out the project as a responsible government for the people and the state on the whole. But we will not abandon the fishermen,” he told reporters when met after the opening of a Women Development Workshop for Village Community Management Council (MPKK) today.

On Sept 4, Fishermen’s Association of Penang (Pen Mutiara) chairman Mahadi Md Rodzi repeated his claim that fishermen rejected the mega project.

He said the fishermen community would be affected by the project and alleged that the state government did not invite any representatives of the fishermen’s community to discuss compensation for them.

In reply to the claim, Ahmad Zakiyuddin said the state government is now creating an initiative and assistance to aid fishermen to maintain and improve their income.

“One of the approaches proposed is aquaculture farming using modern methods of fishing, and to teach them carry out better marketing strategy and others. In fact, we also wanted to assist fishermen who want to shift to other economic sectors if they do not want to become fishermen,” he said.

Under the PSR project, the state government is proposing a development project to reclaim 1,821 hectares including building three man-made islands in the south of Penang International Airport towards the waters of Permatang Damar Laut.

The Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) costing RM46 billion would also involve the construction of an undersea tunnel to connect the island to the mainland, highways, LRT, monorail and a comprehensive network of buses between the island and Seberang Perai.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Expedition to fly Jalur Gemilang on Gunung Tahan

KUANTAN Seventy participants of the Rescue Training and Risk Studies on Mountain Areas programme, which began today, have one ultimate goal, that is to hoist the Jalur Gemilang at the peak of Gunung Tahan on Malaysia Day.

Pahang Fire and Rescue Department (JBPM) director Wan Mohammad Zaidi Wan Isa said that besides the firemen, the expedition also involves personnel and officers from the police and Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia (Perhilitan) as well as media practitioners.

He said that the main objective of the programme was to test participants mental and physical capabilities and endurance as a preparation to conduct rescue operations in mountainous areas, but what makes this programme more special was that it was held close to the Malaysia Day celebration.

“The team is scheduled to begin hiking tomorrow and arrive at the peak on Wednesday, Malaysia Day. Therefore, the participants will raise the Jalur Gemilang on the mountain peak as a symbol of the celebration.

“Besides that, the programme also serves as a revision platform for the security forces personnel and creating a good relationship with all agencies involved,” he told reporters at the flagging off ceremony at the Pahang JBPM headquarters here, today.

Also present were Pahang police chief Datuk Mohd Yusri Hassan Basri and state Fire and Rescue Operations Division assistant director Ismail Abdul Ghani who is also the expedition leader.

Wan Mohammad Zaidi said that the programme would also allow the team to oversee and study hiking risk in Gunung Tahan as the track would be open to the public on Tuesday (Sept 15).

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Online learning for all primary, secondary students in Kota Setar – Muslimin

All students in primary and secondary schools in Kota Setar, Kedah will undergo online learning and teaching sessions (PdP) following the enforcement of the administrative Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) in the district.

Education Deputy Minister II Muslimin Yahaya said school administrators and teachers have been directed to conduct online learning until the affected schools are reopened.

“The schools have been asked to assist students who have no Internet access and suitable devices for online learning. Teachers may send worksheets to students’ house or their parents can obtain them from the schools,” he told reporters at the launching of Selangor’s Northern Zone Community Fire Team here, today.

He was asked to comment on the government’s directive that education institutions would be closed during the duration of the administrative EMCO in Kota Setar.

On the issue of duka lara (unhappy) teachers, Muslimin said the ministry had solved about 60 per cent of the cases since 2016, by transferring them to schools closer to their families.

He said the ministry had set a number of criteria to ensure the process would be fair to all teachers who applied for a transfer.

“Single teachers must serve at least 90 months (in a school) before they can apply. Those who are married need at least 60 months. Merit relating to medical reports and others will also be given priorities,” he said.

Muslimin said Kelantan recorded the highest number of applications with about 5,000 applications to return to the state compared to 100 applications to move out, while Johor was among the lowest.

“We also suggested that those who want to return to the peninsula (teachers from Sabah and Sarawak), they can transit for some time in Johor (before applying to transfer to other states),” he added.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency