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Grandmother, grandson perish in early morning fire, four survive

A 50-year-old grandmother and her four-year-old grandson died after their house in Taman Puteri Indah, Tongkang Pechah, here, caught fire, earlier today.

Penggaram Fire and Rescue Station chief, Senior Assistant Superintendent Saifulle Idris said the dead victims, Siti Zaleha Jaafar and Ahmad Shuhil Ahmad Osman were found unconscious during the rescue operation, before being pronounced dead a few hours later at the hospital.

“The residence occupied by the two victims was a two-storey house and there were six individuals in the house when the incident happened at about 1.02 am this morning,” he said when contacted today.

Saifulle said four others who were injured, were treated at the Sultanah Nora Ismail Hospital (HSNI).

The injured were Siti Khairiah Mohd Don, 28, Ahmad Syaihan Ahmad Osman,3, Ahmad Syahid Ahmad Osman, four months old and a woman known as Wati, 30, believed to be a maid.

He said about 70 per cent of the house was destroyed and all the victims were rescued by firemen through a window on the second floor using a ladder.

“The cause of the fire and the estimated losses are still under investigation and the rescue operation ended at 3.18 am,” he said.

Saifulle said the rescue operation involved 25 personnel from the Penggaram and Batu Pahat Fire and Rescue Stations.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the two victims were buried at Bukit Cermai Muslim cemetery, here at 3 pm this afternoon.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

DBKL: Billboard displays in KL must be vetted by DBP

— Any party wanting to install a billboard in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur needs to get it vetted by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) on the correct usage of Bahasa Melayu.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) said that other languages can be used on the billboards so long as they accompany the key Bahasa Melayu phrases.

“In the issue of a billboard erected near the Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, as was the case, the relevant parties were found to have been non-compliant with the approval issued. The billboard that was approved by DBP was in Bahasa Melayu as the main language and accompanied by other languages.

“However, when the billboard was installed on the site, there was a non-compliance with the approval given, when the accompanying languages had become the main expression.

“Realising a mistake had been made, the relevant party had uninstalled the said billboard,” according to the DBKL statement today.

Earlier, the issue of the billboard near Mid Valley Megamall went viral on social media sites because it did not feature Bahasa Melayu as the main language of expression. It also received the attention of Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa on Twitter.

The statement also said that there are six types of advertising licences in Kuala Lumpur issued by DBKL and the outdoor display advertisement licence is one of them.

“This outdoor display advertisement licence is subject to the Local Government Act 1976; Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974; Advertisements (Federal Teritory of Kuala Lumpur) By-Laws 1982 and the Local Government (Election Advertisement) (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By-Laws 1990.

“Any non-compliance with these By-Laws may be subject to enforcement action or penalties as stipulated,” said the statement.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Police officer among 227 nabbed for flouting RMCO

A senior police officer was among 227 people detained in operations to check on compliance with the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) carried out in Petaling Jaya earlier today.

Petaling Jaya district police chief ACP Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal said that the 39-year-old officer was arrested at about 3 am at an entertainment centre in Kelana Jaya after preventing members of the mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) unit from carrying out RMCO monitoring duties.

He said that the MPV team went to the entertainment centre after a tip off that the premises was still operating and was full of visitors even though it was approaching 3 am.

“During the incident, the police officer, believed to be a customer of the club, had introduced himself as a senior officer working under the Selangor contingent. However, later, the man uttered provocative words and insults as well as trying to threaten policemen on duty,” he said when contacted today.

Nik Ezanee said that the police officer was then arrested and a check found that he was a police officer working at a district police headquarters in Selangor.

He said that the case was being investigated under Section 186 of the Penal Code for obstructing civil servants from carrying out their duties and Regulation 11 (1) Rule 11 of the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases (Measures Within Infected Local Areas) Regulations 2020 for violating the RMCO.

In the early hours operations, raids were carried out at three separate entertainment premises in the district which also saw compounds issued to 227 individuals for flouting the RMCO, he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

Remand extended for 13 men involved in Pangkor brawl

— The remand period for 13 men who were arrested over their alleged involvement in a brawl in front of a temple in Sungai Pinang Besar, Pulau Pangkor, here, on Tuesday (Sept 1) has been extended till tomorrow.

Manjung District Police chief ACP Nor Omar Sappi said the remand order for all suspects aged 16 to 50 was extended today after their four-day remand period from Wednesday ended yesterday.

“The remand extension was done to enable the police to complete investigations into the case under Section 148 of the Penal Code for rioting.

“So far, the motive for the incident is still the same, namely dissatisfaction over parking issues at the Pangkor jetty,” he said when contacted here today.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency

WHO: Mass COVID Vaccinations Unlikely Before Middle of 2021

GENEVA – The World Health Organization says it is unlikely a safe, effective vaccine

against COVID-19 will be available for widespread use before the middle of next year.

Urging people to lower their expectations, health officials say the development of a safe, efficacious vaccine takes time and cannot be rushed. As it is, the WHO reports remarkable progress is being made toward this end. It notes at least six to nine candidate vaccines have begun Phase 3 clinical trials.

WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris says many thousands of people participate in these carefully crafted trials. She says a vaccine must be proven to be safe and seen to provide protection against the coronavirus in at least 50% of subjects before it can be approved for public use.

Harris says the safety of the vaccine has to be monitored at all stages of the research, making this a lengthy process.

“The good news is the manufacturers are already putting bets on which one is likely to be the vaccine. And, they are all working on how they can scale-up production of vaccines, once we know which ones are the ones we will roll out.… But, in terms of realistic timelines, we are really not expecting to see widespread vaccination until the middle of next year,” she said.

Harris told VOA that the WHO does not tell governments when a vaccine should be made available for emergency or general use. She said that is a decision for countries to make for themselves. However, she cautioned against raising false hopes about the prospect of an imminent vaccine that would vanquish the pandemic.

“What we have been saying over and over is nobody should be sitting there waiting for the magic bullet. You know, thinking that the vaccine is going to solve all this or that there will be a wonder drug. What we have to do now is do the things we know suppress this virus…. And those are the basics—the hand-washing, the social distancing that we are doing, the mask-wearing,” she said.

According to Harris, the WHO believes all nations must work together in the search for a vaccine. She said sharing and comparing data is important and will result in a vaccine that protects everybody.

Harris called this a global public good. She said a vaccine not only is essential but must be provided in all parts of the world, adding that unless everybody is protected, nobody is protected.

Source: Voice of America

India Reports More Than 86,000 New COVID-19 Cases

India reported 86,432 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, taking its total infections to 4,023,179, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The U.S. and Brazil are the only countries that have more cases than India.

The U.S. leads the world in COVID infections with 6,202,080, while Brazil counts 4,091,801, according to Johns Hopkins.

The coronavirus has brutalized some locations in Mexico so badly that local governments have run out of death certificates.

Mexican officials say a million new forms have been printed.

Mexico has recorded 66,561 COVID-19 deaths, placing it only behind the U.S, Brazil and India in the number of pandemic deaths on the Johns Hopkins listing.

The U.S. has recorded 187,768 deaths, Brazil has 125,502 deaths and India has 69,561, says Johns Hopkins.

Amnesty International said earlier this week that 1,320 health workers in Mexico have died from the coronavirus pandemic, the worst tally in any country in the world.

Amnesty’s report highlighted the deadly toll COVID-19 has had on frontline workers. Overall, at least 7,000 health workers are said to have died of the virus.

According to a Reuters analysis of data from the Mexican government, health care workers in that country are four times more likely to die than their peers in the U.S.

New cases continue to pop up in South Korea, which at one time had seemed to quash the virus. Authorities said Saturday 115 of the 168 new cases were in metropolitan Seoul.

New Zealand said Saturday it has recorded its 24th COVID-19 death. Joseph Williams, a doctor and the former prime minister of the Cook Islands, was the 24th victim.

Source: Voice of America