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RoosterBio Partners with Senti Biosciences to Rapidly Translate Gene Circuit Cell Therapy into the Clinic

Collaboration leverages cGMP clinical hMSC systems to accelerate gene modified cell therapy for solid tumors.

FREDERICK, Md., March 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RoosterBio Inc. announces a clinical supply and manufacturing collaboration agreement with pioneering gene circuit company Senti Biosciences, Inc. (Senti) to accelerate the clinical translation of Senti’s gene-modified cell therapies for ovarian cancer and other solid tumor indications. The collaboration will leverage RoosterBio’s human mesenchymal stem/stromal cell (hMSC) bioprocess systems, rapid product and process development platform, and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)-compliant, hMSC-focused manufacturing capabilities.

“Gene-modified cell therapies are one of the most important segments in our industry, and we are excited to help Senti Biosciences accelerate its technology into the clinic,” said RoosterBio’s Founder & Chief Product Officer Jon A. Rowley, PhD. “Our collaboration reflects the importance of strategically positioned gene engineering platforms that are designed for rapid clinical translation. RoosterBio’s goal of radically simplifying hMSC product development, process development and clinical manufacturing are being leveraged to move the field of cell therapy forward.”

“Gene circuits have the potential to lead the next wave of cell and gene therapies to address the high unmet need in difficult-to-treat cancers, such as ovarian cancer,” said Philip Lee, PhD, Senti’s Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. “We look forward to continuing our collaboration with RoosterBio to accelerate clinical development of our novel gene circuit MSC-based therapies to help bring those therapies to patients as efficiently and safely as possible.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Senti will apply its novel gene circuit technology to hMSCs produced by RoosterBio’s breakthrough CliniControl™ hMSC manufacturing platform. In addition, Senti will employ RoosterBio for external development of hMSC supply and expansion, including bioreactor scale-up and industrialized large-scale manufacturing unit operations.

RoosterBio’s proprietary, clinically relevant product portfolio was introduced in 2017 under the CliniControl brand name with the promise to radically simplify multiple steps in therapeutic development. CliniControl is the first hMSC product to be commercialized as off-the-shelf, cGMP-compliant working cell bank and bioprocess media systems.

Rowley added, “We’ve shown that our CliniControl products can uniquely deliver and continue to drive unparalleled efficiencies and economies of scale in clinical and commercial hMSC manufacturing, helping our customers accelerate the development of exciting new cell therapy products.”

About RoosterBio, Inc.

RoosterBio, Inc. is a privately held cell manufacturing platform technology company focused on accelerating the development of a sustainable Regenerative Medicine industry, one customer at a time. RoosterBio’s products are high-volume, affordable, and well-characterized adult human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) paired with highly engineered media systems. RoosterBio has simplified and standardized how living cells are purchased, expanded, and used in development, leading to marked time and costs savings for customers. RoosterBio’s innovative products are ushering in a new era of productivity and standardization into the field. Visit www.roosterbio.com.

About Senti Biosciences

Senti Biosciences is a next-generation therapeutics company that is developing gene circuits and programming cells for tremendous therapeutic value. Senti’s mission is to outsmart complex diseases with more intelligent medicines that will transform people’s lives. By programming cells to respond, adapt and make decisions, Senti is creating smarter therapies with computer-like logic, enhanced functionality and greater therapeutic control.

Senti’s product candidates address major challenges in cancer treatment. To overcome cancer immune evasion, Senti is building cell therapies equipped with combinatorial arming gene circuits to elicit broad and sustained anti-tumor immune responses. Senti is also developing next-generation cell therapies that more precisely target and eliminate cancer cells while sparing healthy tissue.

Senti Biosciences is based in South San Francisco and was founded in 2016 by Drs. Tim Lu, Philip Lee, Jim Collins and Wilson Wong. Senti is proud to count NEA, 8VC, Amgen Ventures, Lux Capital, Menlo Ventures, Pear Ventures, Allen & Company, Nest.Bio, Omega Funds, Goodman Capital, and LifeForce Capital among its investors.

Carrie Zhang, Director of Marketing
858-336-6151 | czhang@roosterbio.com

Proximus Extends Synchronoss Personal Cloud Partnership

The three-year contract renewal enables Proximus subscribers to continue to securely back up valuable digital content to a secure, convenient cloud service

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., March 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNCR), a global leader and innovator of cloud, messaging, digital and IoT products, today announced that it has renewed its contract to provide Proximus with the Synchronoss Personal Cloud platform.

As Belgium’s largest telecommunications operator, Proximus has offered the Synchronoss platform to its broadband customers since 2015 through a white-label cloud offering. Subscribers are able to securely back up, store and sync content from their laptops, tablets, PCs and smartphones to their own accounts in the cloud.

The three-year contract extension means Proximus will continue to deliver the Synchronoss Personal Cloud through its existing freemium model. Broadband subscribers are given 10 gigabytes in free storage as well as the option to pay €2.95 a month for 100 gigabytes of storage or €9.95 for one terabyte. Subscribers decide whether backup happens automatically or manually, and they choose which file types – photos, videos, documents or all three – to include in their backups.

“The Synchronoss Personal Cloud has been a fantastic asset for our customers,” said Sébastien Leblanc, Head of Consumer Product Management for Proximus. “We live in a world where subscribers place high value on being able to safely store and easily access their digital content. At Proximus, we recognize this need and are delighted to extend our partnership with Synchronoss so that we may continue delivering a convenient, cloud backup service to our subscribers.”

The Synchronoss Personal Cloud solution is used by some of the world’s leading operators, including Verizon, AT&T, BT and SFR in addition to Proximus.

Glenn Lurie, President and CEO at Synchronoss, said mobile network providers and telecommunications companies such as Proximus clearly understand the many benefits that come from offering customers the opportunity to backup and store personal data directly into the cloud.

“Providing a carrier branded, easy-to-use, secure backup service that works across any platform not only delivers an important value-add to subscribers from a brand that they already trust, but also creates new revenue streams for the telecom providers. We are pleased that Proximus has extended our long-standing relationship and are happy to continue to deliver to the company the ability to give its subscribers the opportunity to protect their important data and precious memories, enrich the user experience and solidify customer loyalty – all while growing its bottom line,” Lurie said.

To learn more about Synchronoss’ Personal Cloud solution, visit the Synchronoss cloud solutions page at https://synchronoss.com/solutions/cloud/.

About Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.
Synchronoss (NASDAQ: SNCR) transforms the way companies create new revenue, reduce costs and delight their subscribers with cloud, messaging, digital and IoT products and platforms supporting hundreds of millions of subscribers across the globe. Synchronoss’ secure, scalable and groundbreaking new technologies, trusted partnerships and talented people change the way TMT customers grow their businesses. For more information, visit us at www.synchronoss.com.


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