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Amanah National Convention shows its openness and maturity

SHAH ALAM, The Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) National Convention 2019 which concluded today had reflected the party’s maturity in the country’s political scene as well as gave a clear message of its determination to preserve stability by maintaining ‘old faces’ in its leadership line-up.

The party faced its first election since its inception in 2015, and the e-voting process went smoothly involving 821 delegates without controversies or unwarranted scenes that could hurt the party’s image.

Its president Mohamad Sabu retained his post in the party despite was ranked at seventh place among 27 elected members of its National Leadership Committee.

The decision to retain Mohamad as president was made during a special meeting by the committee which also agreed to maintain Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub as the party’s deputy president, while the three vice-president posts were filled by Datuk Mahfuz Omar, Datuk Seri Dr Mujahid Yusof and Datuk Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus.

During the election, Khalid Abdul Samad received the highest number of votes however there was no power struggle as they preferred retaining existing leaders.

Commenting the decision, Khalid said the election was not to elect president but rather to ensure the continuation of the party.

A political analyst Prof Dr Mohd Azizuddin Mohd Sani said the convention had shown that Amanah wanted to preserve its stability while carrying a progressive Islamic image to face PAS which currently working with UMNO under ‘Muafakat Nasional’ banner.

Delegates also showed their maturity during the debate as they realised the need to strengthen Amanah which is still wet behind the ears, he said.

The fourth annual convention that was held for three days at the Ideal Convention Centre here also saw party delegates took the debate stage more boldly as they criticized and advised Amanah leaders.

Amanah leaders who were at the receiving end, however, appeared to have taken it in their stride as they professionally responded to the raised issues.

In line with its theme ‘Kestabilan Memacu Kemakmuran Bersama’ (Stability Drives Shared Prosperity), among issues raised by the delegates were graduates unemployment, a recommendation to the Election Commission to increase the number of parliament seats in line with #Undi18, as well as Amanah’s role in Pakatan Harapan (PH).

The convention also approved several motions, including amending the party’s constitution to include a vice-president post for Sabah or Sarawak and establishing a leadership institute.

Amanah, a splinter party of PAS, has been gaining popularity among Malaysians in a steady momentum as shown by its membership at almost 200,000 to date, thus deflected any doubt of its ability to perform in PH.

In his winding-up speech, Mohamad reiterated that the party would remain in the political accord with other component parties in PH, as well as avoid any conflict in the coalition to ensure the continuation of the PH government in the future.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

Up to Sabah Bersatu to nominate candidate for Kimanis by-election – Mohd Shafie

KOTA KINABALU, Dec 8 � It is up to Sabah Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) if the party wishes to nominate its candidate for the Kimanis parliamentary by-election, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

Any party can field its candidate to contest in the by-election, but what is more important is that the candidate can ensure victory for the party, the Parti Warisan Sabah president told reporters after the closing ceremony of the 2019 ‘Regatta Lami Lami’ at Kampung Kesuapan, Pulau Gaya, near here, today.

He said this when asked to comment on a statement by Sabah Bersatu leaders who wanted to nominate their party candidate for the Kimanis by-election and hoped the Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders could consider the matter.

Mohd Shafie said he had asked Sabah PH chairman Datuk Christina Liew who is also Sabah PKR chairman to chair a meeting with Bersatu Sabah to discuss the matter.

Sabah Bersatu secretary Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said in a statement today that Kimanis was one of Sabah Bersatu’s most active divisions with various “outreach” programmes carried out by the division’s leadership since Bersatu was formed in the state.

He said Sabah Bersatu chief Datuk Hajiji Noor had also expressed the party’s wish and left decision to Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who is also Bersatu chairman at a recent meeting.

However, Ronald said Sabah Bersatu would honour any decision taken by the PH leadership.

The Federal Court recently upheld the decision of the Kota Kinabalu Election Court to nullify Datuk Seri Anifah Aman’s victory in the Kimanis seat in the 14th general election in May last year.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

More PAS members expected to join Amanah – Mohamad Sabu

SHAH ALAM, More PAS members are expected to join Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah).

Amanah president Mohamad Sabu said the ‘migration’ of PAS members to Amanah was due to their refusal to accept the consensus between UMNO and PAS.

“I was informed that there will be many (of PAS members) who would like to join Amanah and most of them are from Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah.

“This is because they (PAS members) find it difficult to accept the PAS-UMNO consensus as they have been indoctrinated to hate UMNO to the extent of calling them “kafir” (infidels),” he told reporters after closing the Amanah National Convention 2019 at the Ideal Convention Centre here, today.

On the total number of PAS members from Kelantan joining Amanah so far, Mohamad said he did not have the details adding that most of them were from Pasir Mas, which was traditionally known as a PAS stronghold.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

Sabah Bersatu offers to contest in Kimanis by-election

KOTA KINABALU, Sabah Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) hopes the Pakatan Harapan central leadership will consider its candidate for the upcoming Kimanis by-election.

Sabah Bersatu secretary Datuk Seri Dr Ronald Kiandee said Kimanis is one of the most active divisions with many outreach programmes conducted since Bersatu set up its base in the state.

“Bersatu is one the biggest PH component parties in Sabah and has second largest number of MPs after Warisan.

“To display Bersatu’s strength in the state, particularly in Kimanis, PH leadership should give the chance to Bersatu to contest in the seat in the upcoming by-election this time around,” he said in a statement here today.

He said Sabah Bersatu chief Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor had also conveyed the same request to Prime Minister and party chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, during their recent meeting.

However, Kiandee said Sabah Bersatu would accept any decision made by the central Pakatan leadership.

“Whoever is decided as the candidate by the central PH leadership to contest in Kimanis by-election, we will accept and support,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kimanis Bersatu division chief Datuk Mohd Arifin Mohd Arif said his division is prepared to uphold the trust if given the opportunity.

“Kimanis Bersatu will also support and give full cooperation to any PH party who is chosen to contest in the Kimanis by-election,” he said.

On Dec 2, the Federal Court upheld the Election Court’s ruling on Aug 16 that Datuk Seri Anifah Aman’s victory in the Kimanis parliamentary seat in the 14th general election in May last year, was null and void, thus paving the way for a by-election in the constituency.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

PH holds fast to principle of consensus – Nga

IPOH, All four component parties in Pakatan Harapan (PH) hold fast to the principle of consensus.

Perak DAP chairman Nga Kor Ming refuted claims that the party was the strongest among the four PH components describing them as malicious.

“We always respect each other and hold fast to the principle of consensus in making any decision,” he said when met by reporters at a Christmas celebration organised by the Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry here today.

The Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker said any decision would always be made on consensus, based on collective responsibility and collective leadership.

Meanwhile, Nga also confirmed that the issue of mineral exploration activities in Perak had never been discussed by the state government.

On Nov 29, Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu said the memorandum of understanding (MoU) inked between Menteri Besar Corporation (MB Inc) and a Chinese company, Chinalco GXNF Rare Earth Development was only to identify minerals in the state.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

Govt leaders doing their best to fulfill manifesto pledges – Khalid

SHAH ALAM, Government leaders including those in Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) are working hard to fulfill Pakatan Harapan (PH) manifesto promises.

Admitting that more time is needed to fulfill the pledges made during the 14th general election, Amanah communications director Khalid Abdul Samad gave the assurance that the government would adhere to the promises.

“…we will try as best as we can to fulfill the pledges,” he said during the winding-up session of the Amanah National Convention 2019 at the Ideal Convention Centre here today.

Khalid who is also Federal Territories Minister said it was difficult to fulfill the pledges in the manifesto due to the current economic uncertainties.

“We admit that we (the government) have weaknesses in terms of communications and disseminating information (of government policies)…there are so many constraints,” he said.

Meanwhile, Amanah strategic director Datuk Seri Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad said Cabinet ministers were shouldering heavy tasks and responsibilities to implement government policies.

The Health Minister said despite facing criticism from the opposition, several policies implemented by the current government were well received by the people.

“These include the the special healthcare scheme for the B40 group (PeKa B40), under the Health Ministry which focuses on improving the well-being of the people which had also been commended by Rembau MP (Khairy Jamaluddin).

“This also proves that we (the ministers) have successfully carried out our duties,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)

Amanah to promote ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’ concept – Mohamad

SHAH ALAM, Malaysia, through Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah), will promote the ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’ (Mercy for All) concept to revive the spirit of Islam, which can also be emulated by Muslim countries currently facing conflicts.

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) president Mohamad Sabu said the concept, which is the core philosophy of the party, is important at a time when Muslims seemed to be against one another.

“Fiqh Malaysia (Malaysian Jurisprudence) and the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Islamic concept are promoted by us, and God willing, they will be emulated by other Muslim countries of the world,” he said during his adjournment speech at the party’s 2019 national convention here today.

The three-day convention, themed ‘Stability Drives Shared Prosperity’ was held at Ideal Convention Centre in Shah Alam and it concluded today.

Meanwhile, Mohamad said he was confident that not all UMNO and PAS members would be able to accept the ‘Muafakat Nasional’ cooperation between the two parties, and that this was the opportunity for Amanah to intervene, and to work hard to introduce the Rahmatan Lil Alamin concept.

“I believe there is potential in the states, among them Kelantan which has recorded the highest number of people joining Amanah,” he said.

The focus, Mohamad said, would also be on increasing the number of party branches in Kelantan in the next three years.

Mohamad, who is also Defence Minister, said he himself would go down to the grassroots with the party machinery to carry out briefing programmes.

He said as a stable party, Amanah was determined not to cause any conflict within the PH coalition to ensure it continues to govern the country.

“Moving forward, Amanah and PH will work together to win the next general election,” he said, while reminding members not to bring up racial issues within the party.

Touching on the party’s election which saw him finishing in seventh place among the 27 elected national committee members, Mohamad said he had actually attempted to decline serving in the party’s top post.

“But my colleagues who were elected and their state leaders’ wings, requested me to lead as president…I am confident all of us can move forward as one strong team,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA (News Agency)